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    Hi Bridget, Not seen the RO but seeing the Oncologist on Monday. I have a lot of questions but tomorrow I'll need to make sense of them and filter them to priorities. Lots of Love. Xx❤️️
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    Hi Tom, Thanks very much. I'll have a look shortly 💙 My mums cancer is in her lung and spleen. I would think this would be oligometastatic but does the mediastinum nodes represent another site? Then that would mean primary LC in left lung plus 2 oligo sites? 💙
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    Hi All, I don't really know what I am looking for from this site. One minute it's a bit of reassurance, hope, comfort, guidance, normality. The next minute I just want my normal life back 😔 4th September - My mum came to my house to watch my son while I go to work. She mentions a wheeze (intermittent and on deep breath only) I panic and get her to phone the Dr. App booked for 8th. Diagnosed with Cobblestone Throat given Amoxicillin and also fast tracked Endoscopy (which was clear). As a precaution an X-ray slip was given as my mum (Helen 66) is an ex smoker. I took my mum for the chest X-ray and the next day our lives changed. The Dr phoned to say there was a 6cm mass on her left lung. We were at the Drs surgery they done bloods (which were normal) and gave another antibiotic Doxycycline. Following week we went to the Respiratory Lung Clinic, they done various tests and arranged a CT Scan. Results came back to say 5.2cm in her left lung, with Mediastinum nodes and 4.8cm mass on spleen. Literally no persistent symptoms, slight achy back now and again but if she moves position it's gone, slight intermittent breathlessness on exertion. My mum is very fit and active eats great has no fatigue, no cough but has all this! Yesterday, They said it was Adenocarcinoma. My heart broke. I just don't understand. Oncology app 23rd and between now and then they get for mutations. Waiting is awful, I'm climbing the walls, can't sleep can't concentrate I feel like this is consuming me. Night time is the worst. If you can relate to any of my story please let me know. Currently I feel alone and isolated and this is too important for me to make a mistake with when it comes to treatment so I am desperately trying to educate myself on LC. Judy, Janine and Jim at GRACE have been great but I need some control and due to the fact it's my mum is all overwhelming and very emotional. Xx
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