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    Hi Donna. Sorry to hear of your husband got cancer as well. My husband did go see an oncologist. His oncologist suggested doing a biopsy, husband refused as was concerned cancer would spread more. When he told the oncologist he wasn't going to do the biopsy, he was told not to bother coming back. Agree, sugar is very bad for cancer patients, my husband doesn't eat anything with sugar or processed foods. Someone suggested Keto in another group I am in and I was wondering since you are allowed to eat meat from Keto and potatoes from Vegan, if you could use both diet plans. I was told you need to stick to one or the other. So it seems everyone has an opinion, and maybe what I need to do is just go with what I think would work best for him since he is more of a meat eater. I will keep you posted, thank you.
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    Thank you Steff. Today was a better day. We're both feeling anxious and realize we will have bad days. Hoping to hear good news about this cancer being gone.
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  5. Lobectomy,nerve pain

    HI MJ and welcome here, I''m also sorry to hear about your nerve pain. I had a lobectomy a year ago and fortunately have had little pain after they took the chest drain out and no pain now. So I don't have any experience that could help. Steff's advice sounds good to me. All the best to you, Bridget O
  6. New diagnosis

    Hi Barb and welcome. I'm glad you found us. This is a good place to get information and support. Let us know what you need. Bridget O
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  8. EGFR mutation exon 19

    Kenn, Hopefully your friend will feel a bit better with all of the fluid drained???? Does he have pneumonia too? I am mainly asking because increased fluid around my mom's lung is usually an indicator of pneumonia. I'm sure if he's in the hospital, they have checked for it. Glad to hear he got the perles - I can't remember if it took a few doses to start helping or not. My mom's main reason for non-stop cough is an airway stent. She would sound like she needed to cough something up, but never could. The thing that worked best for her, along with the perles was called Mucomist (it smells like rotten eggs) and it is administered through a nebulizer. My mom used it for 2 weeks while in the hospital and then for a short time after her release. I'm not sure it is for all types of coughs, but it may be worth checking into.
  9. Lobectomy,nerve pain

    Hi M.J. Sorry to hear about your nerve pain. My mom has it as well and her lobectomy was in 2015. It comes and goes. Although the pain has gotten ALOT better, it does bother her from time to time. The pain also radiates around to her shoulder blade...my mom was sure she had a bone met there, but her doc explained that there are nerve endings there related to the lung and the pain is not uncommon to have. Her most painful times are at night and when she first wakes up, as well. It's likely to remain for some time, if not forever. Gabapentin is probably one of your best bets for nerve pain (I am told). If you are new to taking it, you probably are on a relatively low dose, but they do have different doses and my mom has learned to take it in different ways (different times, different amounts - she has the option to take up to 3 pills at a time, and she sometimes alternates gabapentin and ibuprofen,) to help alleviate pain the best - she has been taking it for many years for back pain. The best advice I can give is if you have pain, continue to take it. It takes a few doses for it to begin working at optimum and if you stop taking it you have to start from scratch. Since your surgery is relatively recent, I am sure that the pain level you are currently feeling will slowly begin to lessen. I think it took my mom about 6 weeks for it to lessen. If it gets worse and stays bad, be sure to tell your doc. Take care, Steff
  10. EGFR mutation exon 19

    my friend had to have fluid drained from around his lungs and also from around his heart, all this morning. Required both a pulmonologist and a cardiologist..they got 3 liters of fluid from around his lungs and another liter from around his heart. He has been on the chemo pill for about 2 wks, has been in a lot of pain and can't take any narcotics. The docs today inserted a drain tube, for lung fluid draining. He was prescribed the Tessalon Perles for cough, but it didn't ease anything.
  11. Just had a Lobectomy 3 weeks ago. I have lot of nerve pain in the area under my left breast around to the incision of where the lobe was taken out. I take Gapetentin. It helps some. Dr. doesn't know how how long it will last. At times especially at night and when I get up in the morning. Anyone else have this nerve pain? I had the Da Vinci Robotic lung surgery.
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    Hello Nan. My husband was a Vietnam Vet. He was in the Navy --- so not on shore. He did get cancer. Perhaps tied to the ship building he was involve in . They were aboard with lots of aspestos exposure in the shipyard. He was part of the first crew aboard 2 ships being built, The commissioning crew for the USS Jesse L. Brown and the USS Virginia. His cancer spread fast. Keep us posted on how your husband is doing. I know this is a very stressful time. Is he seeing an Oncologist ? I don't know what kind of diet you are following. They say sugar helps cancer grow faster. To heal at all I wound think you would need a healthy diet with protein and vegetables and fruit. Keep us posted. Donna G
  13. New diagnosis

    Hi Barb and welcome. How did they find your Cancer ? You say you are just starting this journey. Did they do any other tests. What king of chemo are you taking? Please don't hesitate to share how you are doing and feel free to ask questions. I hope you respond well to the chemo. Keep us posted. Donna G
  14. Cam someone please tell me what they think. Im 58 smoked for 40 some years, had cancer in past"female" had it removed 25 years ago. Now in feb 2017 they found a 6mm in left lung a 2 pn bottom of right. In oct 2017 they grew 6 went to 8 and 2 now 5 a new 3 and 2mm are the.. they just want to keep making me have more CT scan. I have had mri with dye two of tje and 3 ct scans all within8 months. Im going crazy here. Mostly because i have delt with cancer before. Thanks

  15. New diagnosis

    Hi, Barb. Glad you found this site - it is a wonderful source of information and inspiration. Is there anything we can help you with regarding your diagnosis, treatment, or anything else? We're here to help.
  16. New diagnosis

    I am new here. I have just been diagnosed as stage 4 non small cell adenocarceno. I ha e just had my first chemo treatment with no side effects other than being tired.
  17. New diagnosis

    I am new here. I have just been diagnosed as stage 4 non small cell adenocarceno. I ha e just had my first chemo treatment with no side effects other than being tired.
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    Welcome, I am not going to be much help as for a specific diet as my mom receives chemo with her immunotherapy and she eats whatever doesn't taste vile or makes her heartburn worse on that particular day. At initial diagnosis, my mom was referred to oncology staff who discussed the various side effects of her treatment and discussed diet. While receiving chemo the staff would regularly come to see her and give her tips on how to deal with any side effects or her diet concerns. Perhaps the oncologist that diagnosed your husband could give some ideas or there is someone within the department who consults on diet??? I'm sorry to hear that the stress of this situation is causing a rift between you and your husband. Most of us has felt this, even if just for a short time, as we deal with the stress of living with cancer. I imagine it is very hard being in the same house and around one another all of the time when the both of you have so many emotions to deal with. I hope that once the two of you find your "new norm" (whatever that's supposed to mean!), that the two of you can treasure your time together once again. Take Care, Steff
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    Hi, my husband is a Viet Nam Vet and was exposed to Agent Orange while he was there. Forty four years later he has been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer with mets to the liver, lymph nodes and spine. Right now we have him on cannabis oil doing the 90 day protocol, he is a little past the 30 gram mark, working his way to 60 grams next month. What I really could use help with is discussing what kind of diet should he be on. I am so confused with this subject. I've heard Keto, Vegan, I've been told it's ok for him to eat meat and eggs, etc. I have been told by several people that Vegan is the only way to go because he needs to be on a plant based diet. We are now fighting and hardly speaking, I am so frustrated, tired and stressed at this point. I could really use some guidance when it comes to diet and what he is allowed and not allowed to eat. What are others in this group doing as far as meals go? TIA
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  21. Radiation

    Thanks Tom I will try all of the above! This has definitely been a challenge. Thanks again for taking time to answer.
  22. EGFR mutation exon 19

    thank you!
  23. new to stage 4 lung cancer

    I am so sorry to hear what you are going through you will be in my prayers. I know this is a scary road, but try to stay positive. Jane
  24. Newly diagnosed Stage IV Lung Cancer

    Brain, So sorry to hear about your reports from the Dr. My husband didn't always get the right information from his Dr either. I know how hard this is for you. You will be in my prayers, try to keep a positive outlook. Jane
  25. EGFR mutation exon 19

    te I think the "pearls" that Steff referred to are benzonate. A brand name is Tessalon Perles. It is a cough supressant that isn't an opiate. It worked pretty well for me when I had brocnchitis not long after my lobectomy. I did have uncontolled coughing till I felt like I was going to throw up but never did and certainly never passed out. Kenn, I hope your friend's medical team can find some solution for his cough. Bridget O
  26. EGFR mutation exon 19

    my 40 yr old friend has coughed so bad he blacks out..his family has been with him almost constantly. But there was an hour he was alone, and he fainted and hit his head- goose-egg..so today he is back in the hospital with a couple of CT scans, looks ok. All his cancer treatment issues are just beginning, so we all are praying things will settle into a new "norm" soon, he is miserably uncomfortable in many ways. Oh..another issue is that he cannot take any narcotics. no morphine, opioids, has reactions. Wow, getting a new respect for so many people who deal with hard things.
  27. EGFR mutation exon 19

    thank you.
  28. EGFR mutation exon 19

    hello-- my close friend 40 yrs old was just diagnosed with this form of lung cancer several weeks ago..healthy up to last couple of months, developed a terrible cough- ER visits and tests- now he has been seeing an oncologist and has been on a once a day chemo pill for 2 wks. His friends and family are all new to this terrible disease and we are all still in a surreal shock. But day-to-day, step by step learning. Big concern right now is that he coughs so bad that he falls down- and he has blacked out a couple of times-- will be seeing the oncologist again in the next few days. Has anyone else had this issue? Pardon my ignorance- maybe this is normal for a lung cancer patient. thanks for your input. K.
  29. After being diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer, my doctors now say the spreading cancer in my prostate is actually stage IV lung cancer. I had been in an active surveillance mode for over 2 years, with low risk(or so they thought) prostate cancer. A recent PET scan for the prostate cancer showed a 6cm tumor in my left lung. There are also bone metastasis indicated as well as several lymph nodes. Not sure why they misdiagnosed the lung cancer. I have a new oncologist I like very much. She ordered molecular studies and will meet next week to discuss treatment options. Trying to keep a positive attitude going forward-it is scary not knowing what the future holds, but want to focus on the "Now" and try and do whatever I can to fight this. Thanks for reading. -Brian
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