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  2. Hi Bridget I'm so glad you are Ned. I too am Ned .I had non small Aden 7months ago had vats surgery lower lobe.its just so ironic that now its my husband turn but his is so much worse.not only that my brother has stage 4 non small lung cancer. His level on pain is 10 .I was so happy the last 6 months being Ned but now I'm right back in the world of cancer.I will stay the course! Thank you for your note it does help.
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  4. Hi Lauren Nothing much happening at all. I've had an appointment with a radiation oncologist, a Planning Session to get marked up and an appointment for the starting day , 7th August. I haven't heard yet from my Oncologist to find out what his schedule is. It takes a bit of organizing. Radiation is in a Public hospital and chemo is in a Centre attached to a Private Hospital. Meanwhile my Haemoglobin is inching back to normal range which is where my onc. wants it before starting anything. As my red blood cells improve I cartainly feeling better. I just have to be patient. My prognosis is not affected by my little chemo holiday. Wayne
  5. Hi. My dad - a long-time endurance athlete and outdoorsman, non smoker, vegetarian, age 72, still working full time as a general dentist - was on a long bike ride two weeks ago when he had chest pain that sent him to the hospital. Long story short, an angiogram found 6 major blockages and he had a quadruple bypass the next morning. We were all flabbergasted as he's so healthy, but heart disease runs in his family and his sister had the same procedure about 15 yrs ago. Anyway, while the cardiothoracic surgeon was performing the surgery, he found and fully removed a 1 cm nodule on my dad's lung, and the pathology came back as a stage 1a adenocarcinoma (with clean margins). Can you imagine laying there recovering from major open heart surgery after a heart attack and then getting that news?? He had an MRI of his brain at the hospital which came back clear, but he can't have a PET scan for a few weeks as his chest has to heal. I am not positive but I don't believe the cancer can be fully staged until he's had the scan to check for any other potential incidents? We're all looking at this as a lucky(ish) accident as the cancer never would have been detected at this point had he not had a surgeon literally looking at his lungs, and we're hopeful that the scans come back clean, but it's just a lot to take in. He's recovering at my house and eating an organic, plant based diet, getting lots of love and support from friends and family, but we're all scared (although optimistic and upbeat). We have cardiac rehab starting soon and then have to get started with the oncologist...I know this is a marathon not a sprint and we've barely begun...just looking for a community to hear our story and a safe place for me to unload. Any and all advice and/or words of encouragement are welcome. Thanks for reading!!
  6. Me again. My post got sent before I was done with it. I was saying that my partner went with me to the first chemo to see how I would do with it and what support I would need. I had side effects, including nausea, but fortunately not right after my chemo session, so I was able to drive myself there and back for all the rest of my chemo and radiation. The nurses at the infusion room were nice, and the radiation center staff, who I saw 5 days a week, were even better! Very supportive and helpful. I am now NED (no evidence of disease, in case you haven't run into that term yet) on 3 separate cancers. My lung cancer was discovered very early on a routine CT that I had to wach for metastases from my other cancer. On that one, the prognosis was not good, but statistics are just generalities, and each of us is an individual, so here I am feeling good today after 6 years! I believe in hope and living for today. I wish you and your husband all the best. Bridget
  7. Hi Michele, My lung cancer was non-small cell and early stage, so I didn't have to have chemo or radiation. I did have concurrent chemo and radiation, plus some additional chemo, a few years ago for a non-lung cancer that was advanced and aggressive. My chemo experiences may not be the same as your husband's, but probably some similarities. Pegi's advice about what to take and what to expect is excellent. My partner went with me to the first chemo to see how I
  8. Oh my Pegi I had tears with your thought fullness no one told us anything .thank you! I am concerned about one thing when they called to confirm the appointment they first said he needs to get a blood test then said no wait the doctor said in notes do not need one because last blood test was 18 days ago.then she said hmmm I never seen anybody not get a blood test sooner before chemo. So when we get there I have to question that.Pegi did your husband start out with limited stage? Our chemo doctor says it incurable but the radiologist says it can be curable at limited stage.wondering who's right. I will give u an update ; and again thank you so much! God Bless
  9. Thank you Pegi for your insight. My husband starts chemo Monday for 5 hours then Tue wed not sure how long for those days .I just don't know what to expect. I have my job on hold for now to see how he reacts to chemo. When 2nd round of chemo starts next month he will start radiation 2 times a day. Ive been trying to stay the course but my nerves take over. Really don't have anyone to talk to so thank you for responding. Michele
  10. Hi, my name is Sharae and my uncle is 74 years old and has lung cancer and bladder cancer. 20 years ago, he had lung cancer and received treatment. 12 years ago, he suffered from prostate cancer. He had a brain tumor a year ago and it was benign. He recently started chemo and next week will be his second dose. He is a strong man and a fighter. He complains about pain in his legs and arms. I am tr4ying to stay strong but I lost my father a year ago due to a heart attack. His hair is falling out. I have so many questions. The doctors are trying to push the top of the line medication but he cannot afford it. In my opinion, I have researched side effects of each medication they discuss. At times, I feel so helpless. I am trying to make his life as happy as possible. He loves hanging with my 2 younger sons. What more can I do? I feel as though every time we turn around they are recommending another drug...this one is for prevention of the white blood count: Neupogen, Granix or Neulasta. Thank you for all your help and support. Prayers are with you all.
  11. Michele of course the weekend is here and any questions you may have for Monday cannot get answered. Pack him a small bag. Book, computer, tablet, maybe some Gatorade, some favorite munchies. I know we walked in with no basic knowledge of what was to happen. Pretty scary. I made sure I fed him before we went..Our cancer center does supply munchies and water and warm blankets if needed. They are going to do a blood test first. Then if prescribed they will give him drugs to help prevent nausea and then comes the chemo. 1st day is always longest. Next 2 days are shorter. Our tech was awesome and she answered every question I had written down. I do not go there without my notebook. My husband always reminds me if I forget. Do not be afraid to ask for printouts for the drugs and other procedures.You have the weekend write down all those questions. Unfortunately I have files for everything going on. It also helps you to keep a journal of this journey. the journal will also help you vent. I am not working right now and I cannot imagine having to work and do this also. Lee collapsed @ work and that sent us to ER and that was the start of our journey. This hit him hard and fast and thru it all he simply amazes me. I pray your husband has no nausea which for us has been a Godsend. Hard enough dealing with all the other stuff without that too. P.S. You are human those nerves are gonna be pushed to the limit. I have yelled and screamed at some family members for some of the stupid stuff they have pulled. Lee and I are a team and you either get behind us or get left in the dust. I no longer have time for any kind of drama. Hugs & prayers!!! God is always working even when we think he's not there.
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  13. Yay for clear lymph nodes!!!
  14. Welcome to our little corner of the world. i was diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcinoma 17 months ago today. I've had surgery, two rounds of chemo and a round of radiation. You found a good place with M.D. Anderson. I'm originally from the Houston area and I grew up knowing it was one of the best in the world. If your medical team hasn't mentioned it, ask if your cancer will be tested for biomarkers. For certain markers, immunotherapy is a very good therapy. I did not have any markers but have responded pretty well to traditional chemo and radiation. Given the variety of cancers and stages represented on this forum, you're almost guaranteed to find someone at the same diagnosis, stage, and treatment path. Let us know how we can help you.
  15. My dad just started on Keytruda this past Wednesday for his Stage IV NSCLC. (7/19) Other than some pain where he has some tumors that spread to the bone, he feels fine. The pain from his tumors does get worse at night and he gives in to using vicodin then, but he is able to carry on with his day like normal.
  16. Welcome K Glad you found us. I was 50 yrs old when I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I was Stage 3B . I started with 2 chemo drugs and radiation immediately. It sounds like they know you have Adenocarcinoma but you do not mention that you have a plan-- of care set up yet. I hope they start some treatment soon ! MD Anderson I hear is a good treatment center. I really do not think there are any natural drugs that are going to make a difference . The cure drugs can be tuff but there are meds they can give to to lessen the side affects as nausea etc. Please let us know how you are doing and what the plan will be. We have been through this and really want to help you. Donna G
  17. I am 56 years old a 10yr cigarette free women, who was just rejoicing recently in September 2016 and being cancer free, from a kidney cancer (low grade non invasive) when May 24 I felt a lump in my neck, I started taking medical mushrooms Coq 10, Vit- D3 Curumin, wheat grass... extra.. New to Texas had no doctor, found one and then learnt end of June I have metastatic adeno carcinoma of the lung that has spread to the lymph node.No symptoms at all. found my way to MD Anderson and just learnt it could be stage 3 or 4 . I will learn next week what stage. I understand 57 % of people are right where I am... I am a very positive person and enjoy a good laugh.. I am married and have three grown children, 3 step children and 18 grandchildren and one great grandson. Love to garden, herbs make my own medicines, tinctures and salves. Love to cook.I am Canadian my husband is Finnish and we both speak Swedish. We are alone in the USA. Any insight to this horrible sickness about drugs to stay away from, or info on Natural meds I am all ears. Thank you I look forward to hearing good news...
  18. Thank you for the update,Suzanne and I'm so glad treatment seems to be doing its job. I will keep you in my prayers.
  19. Michelle, I spent too long in shock, gloom and doom. My husband is a 3 year survivor with stage 4 nsclc adenocarcinoma, diagnosed July 2014 while on vacation. Don't waste your and your husbands precious time being gloomy if at all possible, I finally figured out it doesn't help. It only hurts you. Sure, you need to cry a some in order to process, just don't stay in a slump. Find someone who will be a good support for you. Find something healthy to keep your mind in a good place, reading, some craft project or exercise. Hang in there. Vivian Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Thank you Pegi for your insight. My husband starts chemo Monday for 5 hours then Tue wed not sure how long for those days .I just don't know what to expect. I have my job on hold for now to see how he reacts to chemo. When 2nd round of chemo starts next month he will start radiation 2 times a day. Ive been trying to stay the course but my nerves take over. Really don't have anyone to talk to so thank you for responding. Michele
  21. Maliko, Well, these are some reasons I believe ecigarettes are dangerous to a lung cancer patient -- here and here. The research on possible harm of ecigarettes is admittedly incomplete but as a lung cancer survivor, I'd be reluctant to introduce any potential irritant into my lung during and after treatment. I fought hard to achieve my NED (no evidence of disease) and go to great lengths to avoid all irritants to stay that way. Stay the course. Tom
  22. Pegi, Welcome here! I was the patient while my wife was the caretaker. So I watched her deal with everything you are taking on and now realize that her's was a vastly more difficult challenge. But, I understand I could not have gone through all my treatments without her care and intervention. Energy level during treatment will continue to be a challenge. Martha did find a way of forcing food that was mutually agreeable -- her concoction of chocolate mint Oreo cookie ice cream. She made a batch almost every other day during my first, third and fourth line treatment. It was about the only thing I wanted to eat and given my distain for almost every other kind of food, it was needed nutrition. Funny, I don't relish chocolate mint ice cream now but chemo does something to one's taste buds. So try store bought ice cream (some of the unusual flavor pairings) and if he likes them, tailor make the flavor combination he likes. Well intended family and close friends were most helpful but there was a small population that was too helpful. I was bombarded with internet "sure cure" remedies that gave me false hope and took up my medical oncologist's precious time explaining their questionable value. Almost always a part of this explanation was a simple statement -- if this cure is so effective, why hasn't it been formally tested? So I was gyrating between hope and depression in addition to the burden of treatment. We started researching these ideas on the internet together before investing in their effectiveness. I still do that today on this forum for someone often attempts to sell a "miracle cure". I even wrote a blog about it the effectiveness of miracle cures here. Your husband is involved in serious treatment and your role is invaluable. Suggestions? Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint and you'll need some "me time". Take that time. Also remember that treatment often extends life and take the time to enjoy the extension. Do something you enjoy together. We found we enjoyed cruising and took a best week cruise during each of my three chemotherapy cycles. My oncologist wrote a note to the ships physician and I carried on a drug store's worth of medication. Moreover, I purchased a comprehensive travel insurance package that covered not only medical care on the ship but emergence evacuation back to the states. But a cruse ship was a perfect vacation venue for us during treatment. We still cruise at least once a year. But find something you enjoy and do it together. We understand what you and your husband are going through -- completely. You'll have questions and don't hesitate to ask. Stay the course. Tom
  23. Hi everyone, hoping this may add more info for you all. I have stage 4 nsclc adenocarcinoma with mets to bones (spine) diagnosed in March. I started radiation and Keytruda in April so after 3 treatments had a scan. The lung tumor size reduced by 30%. The lesion on my spine is stable. Every 6 weeks I get a shot of xgiva for bones. I feel tired for a week after treatment and at this point the really bad reactions seem to be done. I thank God every day for this and pray it continues. I also pray that you all have such a good reaction with this treatment. Please keep me updated. Suzanne Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  24. Michele, like you I am now on this journey with my husband. We have hope but we are also realists. Right now I am grateful for everyday past 6 weeks. 2 rounds of chemo down and once the initial shock wears off you take one step at a time one day at a time. There are so may UNKNOWNS like waiting for test results. Thank God the hospital has a place where we can get results quicker than the dr's. Do I have days where I am overwhelmed? Oh heck yes! Am I worn out? YES! Did I stop by my primary care Dr to get a B12 shot? YES! And I feel much better after 3 days. We are in this fight together and we stand united in front of family even when they disagree with us. It is our path and our choice not theirs. Peg
  25. This hit Lee like an atom bomb! Stage IV lung cancer metastasized into liver on June 12th 2017. They gave him 6 weeks w/o treatment. They tell you there is no cure. Only hope to shrink and kill cells. Get all your ducks in a row. They are not pulling any punches. This started with a round of bronchitis, weight loss and weakness. I am in the learning process. This is a hard process to watch and be able to absorb. This was not in our game plan. Round 2 of Chemo under our belt. Thank God the side effects for him have been minimal compared to other people. They push exercise and eating and hydration. What do they do when the weakness takes over and even a shower wipes him out for the entire day? How do you handle watching him crawl up stairs to go to bed @ night? I know he feels like he has to be tough guy. Trip to DR yesterday scared the hell out of me. He needs a walker because walking is becoming hazardous to his health. I feel like I am forcing food on him constantly. I told him just tell me shut up and go lay down if it becomes too much. As caregivers how do you react to all of this? At first I was a raving lunatic with some family members. They are not comprehending how serious this is. His own brother showed up @ door with a concoction of hydrogen peroxide & water. Told his brother it was a cure all. I told him NO not in my house. Made the mistake of leaving them alone. His brother fixed him a drink. I was so mad I was shaking. Needless to say he has not been back. There is no offer to help just have to visit constantly and be forced out the door for staying to long. It just gets OLD! It just seems like it is a fight to get the care needed or help along the way. Any suggestions/
  26. I'm so happy for you! Sounds like a really good result. Hope you get more answers soon. Just M. Sent from my SM-J100VPP using Tapatalk
  27. Does anyone know where I could buy Vitamin C IV? Some links...suppliers Would be appreciated Thanks
  28. Dave, Ring that radiation complete bell! i hope your August appointments yield good results. Stay the course. Tom
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