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  2. Welcome to the Just for Fun forum!!!

    I'm eagerly waiting for the next one!
  3. COPD and Lung Biopsies

    Tamara, My mom has COPD with emphysema.
  4. Welcome to the Just for Fun forum!!!

    That was a lot of FUN! Thanks Tom, Lexie, and Bridget for playing along! I hope you had FUN as well!
  5. Biopsy results

    No, I had traditional radiation therapy for mine. I agree; the waiting stinks.
  6. Biopsy results

    Thankyou Susan that made me feel a bit more positive and its the waiting game that is the worst and i think when they start some treatment ill feel better.. did you have the new type of radiotherepy treatment on your lymph node ?
  7. Last week
  8. Welcome to the Just for Fun forum!!!

    Well, as it turns out, I'm not very good at ferreting out un-truth. Ladies 3 me zip but I returned the favor. Here is my reveal. #1 is true -- I am the oldest of 4 brothers and dad was a WW II and Korean War pilot. His true love was flying and purchased and restored a PT-13 Stearman WW II training aircraft. It was an original restoration right down to the Army Air Corps flight log and manuals. All of us learned to fly well before learning to drive. I did not get my pilots license because I am totally color blind and would have been restricted to daylight, visual flight rules, only flying. My youngest brother was not affected and became an Army pilot and retired as a Colonel with more than 5,000 flight hours in all types of helicopters. #2 is true -- My middle name is Joseph and therefore J in fact is the middle initial representing my middle name. #3 is not true -- As an Army officer, I've been to almost every continent in the world for at least an overnight. The only one I missed is Antarctica. But, my wife and I are avid cruisers and contemplating an Antarctic cruise and may yet check that block. #4 is true -- It was indeed fortunate that my wife was working a Readers Digest vocabulary quiz during her lunch break. Had she not been doing so, I wouldn't have had the courage to engage her in conversation. While I test as an extrovert, it is by a very slim margin. I can speak to groups of people with ease, but one-on-one conversation with a woman is not my strong suit. Had Martha not been working the quiz (giving me something to talk about), I'd likely be a single man. #5 is true -- I studied piano for 16 years. Before my many thoracic surgeries and resultant chronic pain on my right side, I'd spend hours each day playing the instrument I love. Music is my true love and I longed to be a concert pianist. But to master a solo classical repertoire, the pianist hands must be large enough to play an octave and two notes, cleanly. Thus, my dream was thwarted in my teenage years. When I attend the Dallas Symphony Orchestra featuring a solo pianist, I see the music in my mind and marvel at the beauty and majestic sound a concert grand piano, accompanied by orchestra, generates in the hands of a virtuoso. I still long to be that virtuoso.
  9. Welcome to the Just for Fun forum!!!

    OK, my untruth is #4--It's one of my fantasies (huge WD fan and love Norman), but not a reality at this point. I'd love to give it a shot someday. #1 is true--I was in an advanced math class at the time, and I was good at working the answers, but very SLOW in my analysis (still true!). #2 is true--I went to HS on the grounds of the Air Force Academy, back in the days before women were admitted, so there were 4,000 single guys in uniform a couple miles away, and my social life centered around that. #3 is true--I won two and lost one during my 22.5 years as a prosecutor. #5 is true--my first husband (married after college) was in a sociology class and they had made some visits to a federal youth correctional facility. This guy he'd met there called and told him he'd been granted a furlough for saving the life of a corrections officer, and he wanted to hang out for the weekend. After the fact, he stole the car of another student and got into a shootout with the cops, which is when we learned he had, um, not been exactly furloughed. Nobody hurt, fortunately, but it made for a good story!
  10. Biopsy results

    Mally, First of all, if the doctor you are speaking to is not your oncologist, I would acknowledge it but not dwell on it. Oncologists are experts in their field for a reason. Second, palliative care can be prescribed/given at any point during the lung cancer process; it is simply to provide relief from the symptoms and stress of the lung cancer. It is not the same as hospice (end of life) care. Now, on to the recurrence and possible mets. My primary tumor was diagnosed during surgery but my mets tumor was not diagnosed until I had finished my first round of chemo. I had mets to my thyroid (which is very rare) AND I had a separate thyroid cancer nodule. I had my thyroid removed. In 2017, a recurrence was found in my lymph nodes in my chest. I had radiation and chemo and have since had a clear CT and clear PET. So, until your doc, a second opinion, and a third opinion (if necessary) tell you there is nothing further that can be done, there is something that can be done. There are so many treatments and investigational drug trials going on right now. The most important thing is to stay positive. Your attitude is a huge part of your success. We're here for you, Mally.
  11. Biopsy results

    Went to my dr today to get a referal for my oncologist appointment which is next wednesday and biopsy results said a recurrence in a lymph node and possible in a second and that its likely ill have radiotherepy / chemo treatment but if pet scan shows mets to distant places this thursday then probably just get palliative chemo ...from someone that had curable nodules jan 2017 to reading that im in a saddened shock so can anyone give me some positive thoughts on this please ?
  12. Welcome to the Just for Fun forum!!!

    Very good, Steff! My untruth was that I love gardening. in fact, I hate gardening. I do love trees and I volunteer with a local non-profit. They plant street trees-- I don't do that, because I don't like mucking in the mud. I inspect trees their first summer to assess their condition, advise about tree care, etc, and I work with a crew that prunes them when they're about 3 years old--no climbing or anything, just from the ground, since they're still small. People often assume that since I do tree stuff, I must love to garden--WRONG! Fun game! I'm looking forward to the next one. IBridget O
  13. Update

    I can imagine that you are quite tired as well as devastated . You asked about my experience with my mother and how I handled it. She had a major blood clot that cut off circulation to her leg. The doctors said that usually they would do surgery to remove the clot/repair blood vessels, without it her leg would become gangrenous which would be fatal. In her weakened state the doctors doubted she would survive surgery.They considered her imminently terminal and said she could not live more than days, maybe a week or two. A little later, they actually suggested amputating her leg to avoid pain of gangrene . This made no sense to m, since they didn't think she could survive surgery. .My mom had metastases throughout her body, including her brain. At this point she was confused, conscious some of the time, fading in and out. A few ;months before, she had decided to stop her chemo because she did not want to become more disabled by it.She had lost her ability not only to walk, but to support her weight for transfers, and she was losing the ability to use her hands. She knew that discontinuing treatment would greatly hasten her death and she had at that time made and paid for her own funeral arrangements I considered this in making a decision to say no to any surgery. Fortunately there was a really good, small hospice house in her city ( I wasn't living in the area) and I arranged for her to go there. The hospice people were really wonderful. They let me sleep on a couch there so I could be by my mother in her last few days They were able to keep her pain free and she died peacefully 5 days later. I hope for peace for your family whatever you decide and whatever the outcome. Please don't let differences between you and your siblings cause you to hurt each other or become estranged. You all need each others support right now. Bridget O
  14. Update

    You must be devastated. And on top of your devastation, you've got a very hard decision to make. Even more complicated, it appears to be a collective decision and these are always much, much harder to make. Here is how I would approach a decision such as that facing you. If it were my mother, I would be guided by the fact that she has end state disease. At this point in time, the disease is not reversible and only progression towards death is the future state. Medical science might prolong the progression but cannot stop it. I would think back over my mother's life and try and find clues in the way she lived to determine the way she wanted to die. My mother was always "neat as a pin". She was obsessed with the idea that everything needed to have a place and if not in use, it had to be in that place -- immediately! This obsession with organization was bested only by her desire to be properly groomed. My mother's hair, dress, and appearance were always impeccable. She "dressed for bed" and dressed completely every morning before her first cup of coffee (and on finishing, that cup was washed, right away)! I would look at my mother, connected to all the medical tubes and hoses, and realize she would hate looking like that. So these traits would guide my decision. I am the oldest of 4 brothers and each of us is different and has a different approach to our lives. I would remind my bothers that an approach to our lives is not relevant in making a decision for our mother and her life. In life, there are but two certainties: birth and death. Everything else including the time between these life milestones is uncertain. Regardless of what you individually or collectively decide, your mother's end of life milestone is very near. If her medical condition is irreversible, would she want to continue to battle? I pray for peace for your mother and your family. Stay the course. Tom
  15. Update

    I personally want to keep fighting
  16. Update

    I have siblings here with me. We are torn. Two of us want to keep fighting, and the other two want to remove ventilator. This is so hard.
  17. Welcome to the Just for Fun forum!!!

    Okay folks, since the week is winding down, I'm going to do my final guesses and reveal my "untruth". Tom, since my first guess was wrong, my final guess is 4. Lexie - I'm sticking to my first guess - 1 Bridget, I'm going to guess 4. And finally my big reveal - drum roll please....My untruth is....#2 - I once unknowingly ate lunch art Arbys next to a governor. This didn't happen to me, but it happened to my grandpa. He was wondering who this guy was at Arbys with a couple of mean looking guys around him. When he was leaving, he asked one of the workers if they knew who the guy was and they said it was the governor. He called me all excited that he met a "celebrity" but then wondered why he would eat at Arbys!! As for Tom's guess, your reasoning for choosing #3 is a great reason. Really, who in their right mind would choose trick or treating over a Michael Jackson concert??!!! I'm pretty sure I'm the only one!!
  18. Update

    I meant to hit reply and accidentally hit report. I'm so embarrassed. I accidentally double posted also. I'm quit tired. Bridget, what were your experiences? How'd you handle it?
  19. Update

    Last night my mom went into afib and today she has rapidly declined neurological. They think she suffered a stroke but her condition is to critical to move her to do ct scan. She has dolls syndrome where eyes roll back and pupils don't dilate, she doesn't move or squeeze hand. The Dr said it'd be cruel to not have her DNR. Dr said if we want to withdraw care they would understand. Idk what to do.
  20. Update

    My introduction is in the introduce yourself section. Those who read it, my mom was place on life support yesterday, has sepsis, pneumonia, metabolic acidosis, kidneys have started to fail, blood pressure drops often and numbers haven't gotten any better regrading the metabolic acidosis, white blood count not better. Dr doesn't think she will make it and asked what her wishes are if her heart stops. 😢😭 Man I'm a wreck! When they first inabaited(sp?) Her she kept opening her eyes and she kept reaching for my hand. My siblings and I took turns holding her hand. It was like this the first few hours. Has anyone experienced this? Was she in pain? Was she scared?
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  22. COPD and Lung Biopsies

    I was diagnosed with COPD (severe emphysema) in 2014. Had a routine CT scan done 11/26/17 where a 9mm left apical speculated nodule was seen. PET/CT recommended. PET impression read, solitary speculated left apical nodule is hypermetabolic and likely malignant. Tissue diagnosis recommended. I was given the PET results at the end of the year and due to an insurance change had to find a new pulmonologist to order the biopsy. I am scheduled to see him on the 20th and the waiting is driving me mad. I have been researching types of biopsies and there is very little I could find about the additional risk due to having COPD. Not sure which type would be best for me. Also, are the scan results positive it is cancer and the biopsy is for identifying and staging purposes? Hoping someone can give me some guidance. I am pretty scared.
  23. Today is the day - the grand re-opening of the Just For Fun forum! Are you excited? I am!!! I thought the first fun thing we should do is an activity to get to know each other a bit better. We are all pretty familiar with our cancer stuff, but what about EVERYTHING else about us - the FUN stuff? So, my proposal this week in order to have some fun or a good laugh is to list 3-5 things about yourself (the funnier/more obscure the better!). Of those 3-5 things, include something that is untrue. It will be our job to decide which things are true and which one is untrue. I will start things off as an example. I am going to list 5 things about myself and 1 of them will be untrue. Your job is to decide which one is untrue and respond to my post. I will then let folks know the truth later on in the week. Here we go.... 1. I am a fisher-woman and own my own boat. 2. I once unknowingly ate lunch at Arby's next to Washington's governor at the time. 3. I once turned down an offer to see Michael Jackson in concert in order to go trick or treating. 4. My only children have paws. 5. I'm not a people person, but my career is in helping individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness gain housing. Now it's your turn...which one is incorrect????
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