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Author of Scanziety published as Amazon ebook in the Kindle store.  Late stage NSC - Squamous Cell - Lung Cancer diagnosis Feb. 4, 2004, large tumor, main-stem bronchus, right lung. Initial prognosis, inoperable, proximity to trachea. Six weeks conventional radiation and Taxol Carboplatin to shrink tumor. Right pneumonectomy May 2004. Bronchus stump sutures broke. Surgical suture repair using omentum June 2004. Sutures rupture and pulmonary embolism after results in coma for 6 weeks. Two right ribs removed, pectoral muscle harvested and used as suture structure to close bronchus stump Sep 04. CT reveals 2 tumors left lung Dec 04. Six cycles Taxol Carboplatin. One tumor returns to left lung Sep 05. Six more cycles Taxol Carboplatin plus Tarcevia. Tumor returns; Cyber Knife in March 07 results in NED. Peripheral neuropathy hands and feet with "Taxol Toes" chronic foot pain as chemo side effects. Alive, grateful, details: https://sites.google.com/a/redtoenail.org/chronicles-demo/home/tom-galli