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  1. CT Scan

    Welcome Timothy, Like Bridget, I'm not a physician either. I also read your CT and have seen many of these (my own). First comment is it is a good thing you are getting the radiologist report for every scan. That is very good practice and you should keep it up if you go through further treatment. Second, by way of explanation, there are many causes for lung nodules and not all are troubling or require treatment. Here is my go-to source for the types of pulmonary nodules courtesy of the Cleveland Clinic. A biopsy of the "dominant 6 mm left lower lobe nodule" is likely a good idea and if were me, I'd be having it. Lung-cancer-101 is indeed a good thing for you to read. Again, I concur with Bridget and as you read or encounter areas that prompt questions, this is the place for answers. Stay the course. Tom
  2. Radiation

    Kimi, For upper back pain, if it is localized you might try asking your doctor for a script for lidocaine patches. I use these to address chronic pain from too many thoracic surgeries and while they don't eliminate the pain, they do reduce it, often enough to fall asleep. If the back pain is wide spread, ask for a script of Lidocaine Ointment, USP 5% and have someone rub it on the painful area. Again, it won't eliminate but will reduce. Swallowing is harder to resolve. I'd switch to a near exclusive ice cream diet. My wife had me on an ice cream diet during chemotherapy. My taste buds made everything unappetizing except for mint. Mint, for some reason, tasted very good (I dislike it now) and Martha made chocolate mint ice cream with crushed mint Oreo cookies. She has a Masters Degree in Dietetics and realized that calories were very important to completing a course of chemotherapy. And, her ice cream was loaded with calories. During radiation, you may not have any trouble with taste buds so could enjoy any flavor of ice cream. Just think of the joy of ice cream for 3 meals a day...! Stay the course. Tom
  3. Newly diagnosed Stage IV Lung Cancer

    Brian, Welcome here. I'm so very sorry to learn of your diagnosis. Assume your mention of molecular studies means your oncologist has scheduled you for a biopsy to test for suitability for targeted therapy or immunotherapy therapy treatment. The links may have some useful information about each of these new and effective methods for lung cancer treatment. I know about scary and how difficult it is to maintain a positive attitude toward treatment. This might help. A Harvard professor, Stephen J. Gould was a lung tenured mesothelioma (an almost always fatal disease) survivor and his essay listened to here talks about the importance of a positive attitude towards treatment and outcomes. It also speaks to the misinformation and often misunderstanding of cancer survival statistics. I know you've peaked. Almost everyone does. The statistics are necessary for establishing the measure of effectiveness for treatment A vice treatment B in a clinical study but absent that interest, they are irrelevant to an individual's survival or prognosis. At this juncture, the most relevant information I can convey to reduce the scary quotient of our disease is to suggest that many of us here are long lived, late stage diagnosed, lung cancer survivors. Your conclusion drawn from that point is if we can live, so can you. Questions? This is the place. Stay the course. Tom
  4. EGFR mutation exon 19

    Kenn, Coughing and lung cancer, is there a relationship? Unfortunately, yes there is. If the tumor is located in or near a main stem bronchus or near the esophagus, then it could be and irritant and the natural impulse is to cough to expel the irritant. From your description, your friend is pretty far down the typing and staging process, already biopsied and apparently under oncology treatment. As for the forthcoming oncology consultation, here is what I'd do: Reveal extent and effect of coughing Inquire about palliative radiation to shrink the tumor (tumors) and ease the symptom Obtain strong, narcotic based, cough syrup. No pardon required. This place is for questions. Hope your friends forthcoming consultation goes well. Stay the course. Tom