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    Are you a concert goer?

    Steff, I’m a big music fan. I studied to be a concert pianist in my younger days and grew to love classical music. I’ve attended frequent classical concerts with the Philadelphia Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic, the Detroit and Dallas Symphony Orchestras (uniquely both called DSO, and the Chicago Symphony. I also enjoy jazz performances and have seen Miles Davis, Mike Pass, Ramsey Lewis and many more jazz trios and quartets. Also am a big fan of Brazilian Bossa Nova and saw Antonio Carlos Jobim in concert. Herby Mann’s band backed Jobim and it was a memorable show. It was outside in the concert venue at Fairmount Park in Philly. I now listen to a lot of Stacey Kent who excels in performing 30s and 40s standards. YouTube her Shall We Dance cover as an example. Sophie Milman’s Agua De Beber is a fusion of Bossa and rock that I enjoy. I’m trying to fine these ladies in concert without success. My taste in rock favors complex bands like Chicago and Blood Sweat and Tears. But I really like Billy Joel especially in smaller club venues. In my younger days, I followed The Band and was a fan of Leon Helm, the talented drummer and vocalist. YouTube The Band The Weight for a sample of his talent. Of course, the Beatles rocked my world. Sergeant Peppers Loanly Hearts Club Band album is my absolute favorite. I enjoy current jazz vocalists and bands covering Beatles hits these days. YouTube Blackbird, Oh Darling, and Fixing A Hole by Connie Evenston as examples of great Beatles covers. And Steff, I’ve been to the Gorge for a concert. The Eagles performed and a special extended version of Hotel California was superb. It had to be 15 minutes long! Great topic! Tom