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  1. 10 year survivor

    I feel so good and motivated by your stories. I will definitely show this post to one of my friends who is diagnosed with cancer. God bless you all!
  2. What is Palliative Care?

    Palliative care is a noble duty to help seriously ill patients. By the caretaker will encourage patient about life and make him feel positive. An Illness like cancer may lead to stress and loneliness, palliative care is to help in such cases.
  3. Response to immunotherapy

    Issues like extreme fatigue, weakness, fever and low blood pressure are the side effects of immunotherapy. It doesn't mean that therapy is not worthy. Since the therapist tries to improve immunity they will try to improve the blood cells and destroy cancer cells. Such changes in the body may lead to fatigue or fever. But it is not an issue of worry. Try to have proper diet and medicines in such cases.