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  1. That's good to hear, Julie! Please keep us posted! With gratitude, Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  2. Great news, Vicky! I'm so happy to hear positive results. With gratitude, Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  3. Hi, Steff, I am sorry that you and your family are going through this again. Tom is a great example of a long term survivor who has lived through recurrences. Please keep us posted on your mom's surgery and biopsy. Once we have more information, we can connect you to others with a similar diagnosis. We have many resources for patients/survivors and caregivers, so please let me know if you'd like to learn more about our support program. We are here for you. With gratitude, Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  4. Join Cancer Legal Resource Center tomorrow at 12:00 PM PT for the second webinar in our 2017 series. In this webinar, we will give an overview of the laws that provide protection in the workplace for those who are coping with a cancer diagnosis, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, state fair employment laws, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and other resources. Click here for more information, and to register online. This post was approved by LUNGevity.
  5. Trialbee is conducting a clinical study to evaluate an investigative treatment for Lung Neuroendocrine Tumors (Lung NETs). You may have heard of this condition being called Lung Carcinoid Tumors, Bronchial NETs, or Pulmonary NETs. A total of 216 patients will be a part of this global study, which has been approved by the FDA and relevant ethics committees. We are looking for both males and females, aged 18 years or older, who are diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor of the lung (Lung NET). To find out if the study may be suitable for you, please visit this website. This post has been approved by LUNGevity Foundation.
  6. Allison Doan has been on a long journey of self discovery, from a life of elite privilege to a brief time in federal prison, and then a battle with stage IV lung cancer. Through years of ups and downs, and finding forgiveness and strength she didn’t even realize that she possessed, Allison has remained determined to share a message of hope. Allison’s broken road has led her to a place of peace. She’s written an inspiring memoir, Bruised and Beautiful, which will be published later this month. By sharing her story, Allison hopes to inspire people that it’s possible to get through life’s hardships with love, faith, and trust. “I wanted to write the book when I was facing prison because I knew that I was going to take something horrible and scary and turn it into something good. I wanted to convey a message of hope that you can face anything with God on your side. When I started writing, I thought I’m going to end it here, and then the cancer struck,” says Allison. She describes her cancer diagnosis on her Caring Bridge site: “In early November 2014, I noticed a large lymph node on the right side of my neck. I was also having some pain with breathing and a dry cough. After some time had passed and no progress from antibiotics, my primary doctor ordered an ultrasound and several CT's which would reveal some concerns. The CT had shown 3 large lymph nodes in my chest (mediastinum area), 3 nodules in my lungs and 2 nodules in my thyroid gland. I was referred to an oncologist who ordered a biopsy on December 29. I was preparing myself for the news of possible lymphoma or squamous cell carcinoma according to what the doctor said. My doctor informed me that I have what looked to be medullary thyroid cancer a very rare form of thyroid cancer. A blood test was ordered to confirm this and a PET scan to see where the cancer might have spread. I began the arduous task of research to find those doctors that might have a specialty in this area. We decided to head to MD Anderson in Houston for a second opinion. After more testing and another biopsy it was confirmed that the cancer was actually coming from the lung. They diagnosed me with Stage IV neuroendocrine lung cancer which is incurable. After the shock and fear subsided I began to cling to my strong faith in our loving heavenly Father who holds me and this situation in His loving hands. Jeremiah 29:11 'For I know the plans I have for you sayeth the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future.'” Realizing that her story wasn’t complete, Allison continued to write while undergoing treatment, hitting some roadblocks along the way. Allison says she “learned to navigate through the world of a cancer patient: days of normal, days of doctor visits, days of feeling great, and days of feeling crummy. Lung cancer is an up and down journey of new treatments. Then they stop working and you try something else.” Allison’s husband and care partner, Keith, has been by her side since the moment of her diagnosis. The two were married while she was undergoing treatment and planned their honeymoon in St. John in between clinical trials. Allison shared her story with country music artists Dave Fenley and Ray Johnston, who penned a song in her honor. The song, called Bruised and Beautiful (Alli’s Song), is full of grace and gratitude. It carries Allison’s powerful message of living each day to the fullest and trusting God. Part of proceeds from book and song will go to LUNGevity Foundation. LUNGevity was the first organization that Allison found when she started looking for online support after her diagnosis. The song Bruised and Beautiful is available for download on iTunes. Allison’s memoir of the same title, will be published in June 2017. In May, Allison entered hospice care to help with symptom relief and quality of life. She tells her family and friends that she’s staying “Allistrong” and that she’s humbled by the love, support, and encouragement she’s received. “Above all,” Allison says, “life is worth living.” Allison and her husband Keith, with their children Daniel, Peter, Megan, and Grant.
  7. Thank you, Julie and Tom! Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  8. Did you know 41 percent of Americans have never viewed their health data? As a member of LUNGevity online patient groups you may be many steps ahead of the average American patient or caregiver! Telling us about your experience accessing your own or a loved one's health data will help shape a new project being led by FasterCures, a nonprofit organization that works across diseases to smooth speed bumps that slow down the process of getting promising therapies to patients. We invite you to learn more about our new Health Data Basics project and to respond to a short anonymous survey. Your input will help us develop a new tool to inform people about health data access, sharing and use. Click here to learn more and take the survey! The link of the survey is: And contact information for the project is:
  9. Hi, JustMe, I will reach out to some of our members and encourage anyone who has information/experience to respond! Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  10. Mally, I am so happy for you!! Congratulations! We are glad that you're such an active member of the community and we are grateful to be able to celebrate with you! Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  11. Hi, Marcie, You and your dad are in our thoughts this week. Please post an update when you can. No matter what his official diagnosis is, we are here for you! With gratitude, Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  12. Hi, Dave, Thanks for posting an update. Sounds like you've been handling everything like a...Dragon King! Stay positive. We are here for you. With gratitude, Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  13. Hi

    Hi, Shell, Welcome to LCSC. I am sorry to hear about your friend's diagnosis. There are many caregivers on this site. I will reach out to them and encourage them to connect with you in this thread. You can find several helpful resources in the online Caregiver Resource Center. LUNGevity also offers peer-to-peer support for caregivers through the LifeLine Support Mentor Program. Please let me know if you would like more information! We are here for you! With gratitude, Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  14. Hi, Missy, Welcome to LCSC. That is a beautiful post. My mom is adopted, and she too felt like she was "picked" by the parents who were meant to have her. I am sorry that you and your family are going through a difficult time. It is wonderful that you have each other and that your mom has so much support. I will reach out to some LCSC members to see if anyone can answer your specific questions about neulasta. You mentioned that people defeat the odds every day, and many members of this site are living proof of that! With gratitude, Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  15. We'll be thinking of you on June 20! And for your upcoming half:
  16. Hi, Dawn, Welcome to LCSC. Tom already shared a great resource, Lung Cancer 101. Please let us know if you need information about a particular topic. This is a great place to ask questions and get answers from people who are also navigating a lc diagnosis. We also have mentorship programs for patients/survivors and for caregivers if you'd like to connect with someone on a personal level. I hope your dad's appointment on Monday gave you some answers. Please post an update when you can. We are here for you! With gratitude, Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  17. MONDAY, JUNE 5 Reuters “Roche's Alecensa bests Pfizer's Xalkori in lung cancer trial” Forbes “A New Cancer Drug Helped Almost Everyone Who Took It. Almost. Here's What It Teaches Us” The Telegraph (UK) “Cancer Patients Who Enter Their Symptoms into an App Live Longer than Expected, Study Suggests” Patient Daily “FDA OKs Novartis’ Zykadia for Metastatic Lung Cancer Affecting the Brain” TUESDAY, JUNE 6 Drug Discovery & Development “ASCO 2017: Investigational Agent Improves Survival Outcomes for EGFR-Positive Lung Cancer” The Washington Post “8 Things Doctors are Buzzing about at the Biggest Cancer Meeting” WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7 Fannin Sentinel “Lungevity: Shining Light on the Invisible Disease” PR Newswire “Julie R. Brahmer, MD., MSc, is recognized by Continental Who's Who” Healio “Pembrolizumab Reduces Need for Second-Line Therapy in Advanced NSCLC”{7d9e7f9c-c66a-4f06-9ab3-e95da959cad5}/pembrolizumab-reduces-need-for-second-line-therapy-in-advanced-nsclc ASCO Daily News “Studies Explore Targeted Therapies in Lung Cancer” THURSDAY, JUNE 8 The New York Times “Cancer Drug Proves to Be Effective Against Multiple Tumors” The New York Times “When Your Personal War on Cancer Is Exhausting” EurekAlert “Scientific Advances in Thoracic Oncology in 2016 Highlighted by the IASLC” FRIDAY, JUNE 9 Healio “Primary NSCLC May Be Underdiagnosed Among Patients with Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma”{97a56d74-d2e8-44d3-942a-7e8f636341b7}/primary-nsclc-may-be-underdiagnosed-among-patients-with-metastatic-renal-cell-carcinoma Cure Today “Expert Discusses the Future of EGFR+ and ALK+ Lung Cancer” USA Today “’How Long Have I Got?’: Why Many Cancer Patients Don’t Have Answers ”
  18. Hi, Laney, I'm glad you and Tom have connected--he seems like exactly the person you needed to talk to! We'll be thinking of you and your mom on Monday. Please keep us posted on the results! Lauren -- Digital Community Manager
  19. Hi, Carl, How are you doing? As Tom mentioned, we have a LifeLine partner program where we can try to connect you with someone with a similar diagnosis and experience. If you'd like to get more information about the program, here is the link to the website: Please post an update when you're up to it. We are here for you. Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  20. Lily, I am so very sorry for your loss. The way you described how you will carry on your dad's memory is beautiful. The world can always use more kindness! I am very glad that you were able to make connections and find some support and solace in this community. We continue to be here for you, and we are just as grateful for you. Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  21. Hi, Jan, How are you and your mom doing? Please post an update when you can. We are here for you! Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  22. Hi, Katekat, Just wanted to check in and see how you and your mom are doing. Please post an update when you can. We are thinking about you! Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  23. Hi, Isaut, Just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. Please post an update when you can. We are here for you! Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  24. Here is the weekly clip report: TUESDAY, MAY 30 Miami Herald “Using Your Immune System to Fight Cancer is Showing Significant Promise” Cancer Network “Certinib Gets First-Line FDA Approval ALK-Positive Lung Cancer” WEDNESDAY, MAY 31 CHEST (American College of Chest Physicians) “What You Need to Know About Biopsies for Lung Cancer” OncLive “Modern Biopsy Techniques Changing the Scope of Lung Cancer Diagnosis” Reuters “Cancer Meeting to Provide Clues on Future Immunotherapy Combos” Genome Web “Vanderbilt Team Using Mass Spec to Research Cancer Immunotherapy” THURSDAY, JUNE 1 Lung Cancer News Today “Trilaciclib Improves Chemo’s Effectiveness Against Small Cell Lung Cancer, Study Finds” PR Newswire “Roche Announces FDA Approval of Companion Diagnostic to Identify ALK-Positive Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients” Business Wire “Atreca, Inc., and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Establish Broad Cancer Immunotherapy R&D Collaboration” NBC News “More New Cancer Drugs Mean Higher Costs But Also Longer Lives” FRIDAY, JUNE 2 Bloomberg “A Hot-Cancer Drug Race Keeps Getting More Crowded” Business Insider “The FDA and a $1.2 Billion Startup Are Analyzing How Drugs Are Used After Approval – and It Could One Day Change How we Treat Cancer” U.S. News & World Report “As Scientists Train the Immune System to Fight Cancer, Others Look to Combat Costs”
  25. 50% of the proceeds from this soccer camp in Columbia, MD, will be donated to LUNGevity Foundation! Soccer Camp.pdf