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  1. Hi Jeffery.my husband is VA vet also and we go to Gainesville VA. We have appointment the 29 .he has 1.5 cm right upper lung and medistinal2.2 cm node pretreacheal doesn't sound good to me.have to wait until we talk to doctor. I also had lung cancer right lower lobe vats surgery threw the Gainesville VA due to my husband having 100% disability.my experience with the V A once u are treated I had excellent care.I've read in the medistineal andenophy is enlarged lymph nodes which can be many things ;to benighn ;and Hodgkin lymphoma; if so that can be from h/ orange.this site is very helpful and I wish u luck.
  2. I can't tell if this went thru
  3. Thank you Tom. My husband had his ct scan yesterday they called today that was the fastest response from the VA I've seen.they told him which was the nurse said she couldn't go in detail but he has 2.2 cm nodule upper right lung near the heart. They called it Mediastinal adenopathy. I looked it up at what I understand its enlarged lymph nodes and in middle of lungs.they said something about pretrachual node too but I don't have the whole story on it. Waiting for appointment for pulmonoligst.do u know anything about this? I'm worried. Thank you for any response.
  4. Happy for you!
  5. Thank you for responding.my husband had shadow from xray.no coughing or congestion.he is x smoker a veteran so I asked the VA to give him ct instead they gave him xray. Well tomorrow will be ct scan. .thanks Tom andBridgett for uplifting comments. I'll let u know results. Take careand thank you.
  6. Hello everybody! Well I'm coming up to my first ct scan after surgery.it will be 6 months.I'm sure I'm OK surgery cured me but still nervous about it.lately I've been having a little back pain between the blades which of course the worry wart I am the first thing I start to think is oh no I hope its not coming back but i m hoping its just from working due to being a styllists/ barber but that's what I thought last time and it wound up being nscl .I hear Tom saying stay the course and that I will .I just found out that my husband has a shadow on his right upper lung he goes for ct Thursday.I'm praying it is just a scar or something.I also just found out my brother has stage 4 lung 3 areas one is in his back rib in the bone which broke his rib.he is in terrible pain.he does not know what kind of cancer yet waiting for biopsy. They will start radiation for pain.so I have a lot of praying to do.thank you for listening.
  7. Yes lbelle78 I would get a second opinion. I had vats surgery for lower lobe right side and much faster recovery? I wish you well.
  8. Susan so happy for you!!! And Tom good luck prayers for you!
  9. Thank you everybody for the great advice.And Tom best wishes on your upcoming scan. Thank you again.
  10. Hello everybody! It has been 9 week post op vats surgery lower lobe removed stage 1 Aden no nodes clean margins .I thank god every day and feel very lucky I also feel great since I don't smoke any more. I just wish I could feel safe. Like today I had a minor pain under ribs out of no where and the first thing I thought of was hope I'm not having recurrence. Last week it was a different pain .the fear of cancer is horrible. Especially since I'm pretty much cured.will the fear and deep down depression ever go away or does it stay with u until your past your 5 year mark.? I'm back to work I am a stylist. Barber. Has any one caught a cold after surgery? I try not to think about it but it feels like its a deep rooted thought.my scan after surgery is in June.. Thank you for listening. Good night
  11. Molly ;I liked to know if you had vats surgery? And your surgery was only 3 weeks ago right? You have to get stronger and recover first before u get chemo right? I had vats surgery lower right lobe stage one Aden.clean margins and no lymph nodes involved. I am so thankful. But its been only 6 weeks and my incisions are still sore and when I sneeze I can tell I'm not yet healed inside. I couldn't imagine having to have chemo yet until I would be stronger mentally and physically. It is good to learn everything about cancer and treatments but its also important to recover first with no worries so u can heal.I'm cancer free right now but there is always going to be the fear of it coming back but I still have to heal now and not worry about what could happen. I wish you and everybody the best. And my favorite saying that I learned from Tom is STAY THE COURSE.. God bless!
  12. Hello this is Michele.I had my surgery DEC 14 vats lower lobe.stayed in hospital 4 days. I have nsc adenacarcomo. Stage 1 but further report has not come back yet. Im actually recovering well.having no breathing issues walked for 30 min today and the only part of me that was tired was my legs I felt I over did it. I went today for xray which they said was good. I had a problem when the surgeon assistant took out my stitches were the chest tube was which did hurt but he put Sterle strip on said OK your good to go and when I got up fluid poured all over my pants and puddle on floor. Of course it freiked me out he came back in with string full of glue and glued and bandaged me up. Now its a little uncomfortable; I hope its OK. I go back in 2 weeks for report on pathology and follow up. Each day has been different tomorrow should be better. Thanks for listening and Merry Christmas!
  13. Thank you Tom I will let you know.
  14. I do not know my diagnosis yet surgery is DEC 14 but if I do have stage one everyone says u treated it early don't worry. I'm trying to be positive but it sounds like once u get cancer it will recur.I'm trying to stay the course but it feels like a nitemare .you all are so strong minded I give u a lot of credit! Thanks for listening. Michele
  15. Hi Bridget glad to hear you are doing well with your recovery !that's encouraging. My surgery is DEC 14 if I have cancer its most likely stage one. Lower lobe. I guess I won't know until I wake up. Thank you for asking I'll let you all know how I'm doing. Michele.