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  1. Small cell

    Peg That is great that u both finally got some sleep.I hope his cycle of chem goes smoothly.rogers got delayed for week. Today is our anniversary( 28) and I made a roast instead of going out.what state do u guys live in. If I can ask? Rogers doctor just ordered meralax and a stool softener then after he ordered it which we didn't get yet( mail ) he went phew. I don't know if I mentioned but my brother is dying I guess of stage 4 non small cell Aden he just told us don't get constipated its very painful rocks phew! I worry on all ends for everybody. Prayers michele
  2. Small cell

    Hello I like to know is there anybody here with small cell. My husband was just told his right now is limited. Can u live long with small cell. Are there any people here. He starts chemo in 2 weeks.if there is no cure then what do u do. Please help I'm trying to be strong