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  1. That's great news, Vicky!
  2. Hi Mally, Yay for NED! I'm on a 6 month scan schedule.
  3. Welcome Raymond! It's good that you went to Sloan Kettering when you weren't satisfied with the answers you were getting. Cancer does mean a lot of reevaluation. Hang in there! Bridget
  4. Hi Mich, Just my opinion, but this sounds like another version of blaming us for our illness. I think that our state of mind can affect our quality of life in recovery, and that stress reduction, prayer (ours and others), positive thoughts, visualization, etc, can be helpful for some of us. But I distrust someone who treats cancer as a psychosomatic illness that requires psychotherapy for "successful treatment". And I note that this person appears to be selling a particular brand of psychotherapy. I'm not buying! Bridget
  5. Hi JWH, I also had Stage 1. I had a right lower lobectomy. in November. I concur wth Tom about using a wedge pillow to sleep. I got a 12 inch foam wedge, which elevates head and chest to 45 degrees. I used it for several months after my surgery and it made sleeping much more comfortable. I'm glad to hear you're well enough to be back to work. Best wishes, Bridget
  6. The process sounds gruelling, but your results are wonderful!
  7. Welcome, JustMe. You're in a hard situation. I wish you and your husband well. My cancer was found early. There are others on this forum who are,or who have partners who are Stage 4 who will be in a better position than I am to give you advice and information. I'm sure you'll hear from some of them soon. Hang in there and take care of yourself as well as your husband and daughter.
  8. Great news, Jeffrey! You will probably feel better once the chest tube is out. I know I did. Best wishes for a fast recovery.
  9. Best of luck to you Jeffrey. I haven't known anybody that's not scared of surgery. Hang in there.
  10. neulasta on pro

    I had neupogen. It's like neulasta but it's a short acting form. I had shots every day for (if I recall correctly) about a week after each chemo infusion. I gave myself the shots. It was easy to do--very small needle injected into the belly. I had no drug side effects from the neupogen, no pain. . I know that some people do get pain with this form of the drug also, but I wonder whether it might be easer to tolerate? You might ask your mom's doctor. Best wishes to you and your wonderful mom. Bridget
  11. Lauren, Thanks for doing these every week. I always go over them and generally read several of the articles.
  12. Best wishes to you for successful VATS. Hang in there for the marathon!
  13. Hurray! Wonderful news!
  14. Hi Michele, My situation is similar to yours Adenocarcinoma, 1A, VATS surgery in November. I had my 6 months CT scan a couple of weeks ago, so I understand scanxiety. Mine was NED. There's every reason to believe yours will be, too, as Tom said. Hang in there and enjoy every day. Bridget
  15. Great that you're almost done! I understand the stress of waiting for results.. Best of luck, fingers crossed.