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  1. 75 year old mom with Stage IV nsclc

    Hi and welcome! I'm glad you're advocating for your mom. I haven't had immunotherapy and know little about it so I can't be much help there. I have recently seen articles, but I can't remember where, that say that treatment choices shouldn't be based on age but on the patient's general health. I remembered this article because I'm 72 and in pretty good shape. I sounds like your mom was in fine shape prior to the cancer. Does anybody remember this article or specifically where it was? If nobody responds to this question, you (or I, for that matter) could address it to Katie B or Lauren on the Lungevity staff, who might know. Hang in there. Bridget O
  2. Welcome here! Your mom has sure been through a lot! You'll find hope and support on this site. I hope that you'll get some replies from people who have had experience with Opdivo and "itises" . Hang in there. Your mom is lucky to have you there. Bridget O
  3. Allyn Drew

    Hi Allyn, Welcome here! I'm sorry for what your wife and you are dealing with. I'm a survivor of an early stage lung cancer (and two other non-lung cancers). There are a lot of people on this forum whe are survivors of Stage 4, and their caregivers. You'll probably hear from them. You can find a lot of information, wisdom and hope here. All the best to you on this unwanted and unexpected journey. Bridget
  4. New

    Hi Kimi. Welcome here! We appreciate your prayers. Do you want to share more about your diagnosis and treatment? Do you have questions? You'll find lots of information and hope here. Hang ein there. Bridget
  5. New to this

    Yay Sandra! I'm so gad for you. Bridget
  6. Study of Lifestyle and Quality of Life in Cancer

    I did the survey. It took me 25 minutes, not 10. I don't think I''m slow! It seems like a worthwhile thing to do in any event.
  7. What's next?? Pls help

    Hi Megha, Welcome here. I'm so sorry about your mom''s situation. If she isn't already in hospice, I suggest you check it out. Hospice should be able to help her be more comfortable. My mom, like Tom G's, was in hospice at the end and it was a godsend. Bridget
  8. Brand New

    Good to hear from you. I'd been wondering how you are doing, Hang in there! Bridget
  9. Finally got pathology report

    It's good you have some clarification, even though it's not very clear . It sounds like you're doing a good job informing yourself and making decisions about your treatment. I've been in that position, though not with my lung cancer, which was 1A. On my breast cancer, I was offered long term estrogen surpressing medication. (Who knew we still have estrogen after menopause--it's produced by fat, and I am well equipped with that.) These aromatase inhibitors were becoming the standard treatment at that time, but after seeing the stats about how much they reduced risk of recurrence and reading a lot about side effects, I decided to forgo them. On my cervical cancer, which was aggressive, stage 3 and a rare type, one oncologist on the tumor board recommended additioal chemo, more treatment than my oncologist recommended. I got a second opinion, by a doctor who had some clinical experience with this type of rare cancer (there are no studies of it) and opted to "throw the book at it" and my onco agreed to do the additional treatment. So, now I'm NED on both those cancers. I don't regret my decisions at all and am grateful for oncologists who respected what I chose to do. I'm a firm believer in science, and I also think that medicine involves some art and intuition both on the part of the doctors and the patients and can help guide informed decisionmaking. Best of luck with you in your path forward, Bridget
  10. My new cancer journey

    hi Wayne, I survived concurrent radiation and cisplatin followd by carboplatin and taxoterre (a close relative of taxol). This was for a prior Stage 3 non-lung cancer 6 years ago. I lived to tell the tale and am NED. I'm not denyiing there were some hard times with it, but my life today is really good. If I can do it, you can. Hang in there. Bridget
  11. Hi Pegi, I just saw your post of July 27 and I wonder whether what your husband needs is physical and occupational therapy in addition to palliative care. If you haven't worked with PTs and OTs before, you might be surprised how many things they can help with: finding ways for a person to get around more easily and safely in their home, getting mobility and adaptive equipment to make things easier, teaching caregivers how best to assist someone without hurting themselves, etc. Is your husband on Medicare? I think Medicare will pay for this. You may need to shop around some. When my mother broke her hip, the PT who came out was helpful and really good but the OT was not so great. I did get from the OT an equipment catalog so I could look through it to see what might be helpful. Just an idea I had. I wish you all the best. Bridget
  12. Surgery 3/27/17 for stage IIb nsclc

    Hi Karen, Welcome here! And hang in there. There is hope here. You will probably hear from others who have had a lot of things go wrong in their lung cancer journey and who have survived and are having good lives years later. Maybe you've read some of their stories already. My lung cancer was adenocarcinoma Stage 1A, and everything went OK with my surgery in November 2016. I don't need any more treatment now,, only regular CTs to look for recurrence. I've had chemo, though, for a different (rare form of cervical) cancer that was Stage 3. My lung nodule was discovered in a routine CT scan that I had to watch for possible metastasis from the other cancer. I may be the only person you will ever hear say she was relieved that it was "only" lung cancer. A metastasis would have had a much worse prognosis. Lung cancer of any stage is bad enough. My neutrophils also crashed twice during chemo, once was to zero. I had neulasta with no side effects from it, fortunately. I had plenty of side effects from concurrent chemo and radiation, though, so I understand how discouraging it all can be. I'm 7 years out from my Stage 3 cervical cancer diagnosis and also 9 years out from a breast cancer diagnosis. I'm now NED on all three cancers. My life is really full and happy these days. For me the difficulities of treatment, including those that are still hanging around, have been worth it. I wish you all the best. Bridget
  13. Introducing Myself

    Hi Nan and welcome, Everybody who replied said all the things I would have said==sleeping elevated, the pool, etc. I also had 1A adenocarcinoma. I was lucky to be able to have VATS for my lobectomy. My surgery was last November and I'm doing well. I wish all the best for you and your husband. You'll find hope and help on this forum, I think. Bridget
  14. Hi I'm new to this site

    Hi Vinnpal and welcome. Is it your neutrophils that are down? If so, ask in future cycles of chemo if you can have neupogen or neulasta. These are injected medications given after chemo that keep your neutrophils from crashing. Best of luck. Hang in there! Bridget
  15. Pegi, How dreadful for you--you're doing all the caregiving and the family members are not being respectful of your husband or you. I feel the extremet frustration from what you wrote. It's always hard to set boundaries and your husband not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings can make ilyt really difficult. You wrote that "common sense" would have had you saying you'd pass on a visit. Seems like these people are lacking in common sense. I don't know how direct you've been with them, but I wonder if you could be more direct. For example, when they said they were coming in half an hour, could you have said something like " 3:00 this afternoon would be a good time. Right now I have to get (husband's name) some food and he needs a nap." If they insist on coming right away, "Sorry that won't work for us right now." And don't answer the door, if they're rude enough to com anyway. CAn you directly ask them to bring food, run an errand, help with a chore? But know that it's your life and your husband's and you have a right to set whatever boundaries you need to. Is there anyone he trusts who could talk to him about it being OK to set boundaries to protect you and him, even if it hurts some feelings? You're in a tough situation and I wish you all the best! Bridget