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  1. Hi I'm Mary Ellen

    Tom, I am so thankful for your quick response. It is truly wonderful to be with others that have knowledge and a willingness to help. I am going to take your expert advice and also another members advice about keeping a notebook. Can you believe I searched all over the web about alkaline vs acid foods for cancer patients and found nothing. So, thank you for that also. I am truly most grateful. I am a singer and was scheduled to go to Nashville to record and now have to put it off until when I do not know. I am wondering if I will be hoarse after treatments as that would be a problem for me, but in the scope of things that is minute at this time and I will just take things as they come. Thank you for your response and stay well. Mary Ellen
  2. Hi I'm Mary Ellen

    Thank you for your immediate reply - it means so much. So do I ask the doctor on the 14 if he has performed any genetic testing in the past on others or on my biopsy? I don't quite understand. Yes, daunting is a good word. I'm thankful I found this group and someone who understands.
  3. Hi I'm Mary Ellen

    Hello, Yes I had a needle biopsy done 2/28 and I coughed up blood for awhile, it is 1 week and 1 day this morning & I just had a very small trace so looks like that is clearing up. That was concerning to me although I know I heal slowly because of high blood pressure and am on med for that. Another question would be is there any truth to what some say about an alkaline diet slowing down the cancer cells? I read somewhere the cells grow more rapidly in an acid diet. I go for another CT 3/10 and see the oncologist 3/14. I will know more then. Yes, Donna my thought re care was where to go. The Dr they have assigned me to looks like he's had 30 plus years experience. Of course my friends are urging me to go to Mayo. I don't know what to do. I believe I am probably stage 4 since it involves both lungs. I am so thankful you answered me and yes 3 of my children are going with me the 14th. Thank you so much for your kind response and caring. Mary Ellen
  4. Hi I'm Mary Ellen

    Hi I'm Mary Ellen, and I am newly diagnosed with adenocarcinoma. I haven't been told what stage yet, but I'm assuming it's stage 4 because it's in both lungs. I would like to talk to others who have the same thing.