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  1. So I am Jeff , x smoker 10 years ago. VERY scared for my old dog. She's a rescue 3 years ago and was very abused. She is all I have. some 10 years old and 105 pounds of mean. So= 3.6x2.1 cm mass within the inferior segment of rt lower lobe. there is shotty mediastinal lymphadenopathy of the largest lymph node in the paratracheal region measuring 1.2cm. This is highly concerning for malignancy. (end of report) whatever all that means but two Dr's , one VA and one private say bad news. So how good is the Tampa VA with this , anyone know ? It follows the other medical problems I have from agent orange. Yep veteran.
  2. Tom I found out this morning that if you're 55 or older the chances of the VA changing your benefits are slim to none. I think I have that covered by at least 10 years hahaha. I woke up again to my chest and my back on the right side under my arm where they did incision swelled up quite nicely as it has been. I am wondering how long the swelling will take to go down now. I am just anxious to get this over with I know it's only been a week. To anyone who may be following or contemplating doing this it is hard but you can beat it I will
  3. The pain from coughing is still quite severe and my voice is high pitched and funny sounding because I guess the nurse said they pinched my trachea closed some. I think if I had stayed in the hospital until Monday the recovery would have been quicker. I have read that if the VA feels they got all the cancer out through surgery and you go through the chemo chemo and now they don't find cancer you lose your VA compensation benefits is this true. That would be a real slap in the face.
  4. Well I got home late Friday about 4 p.m. after a two-hour ride in one of those little Mini Coopers horrible car. I went right to bed and fell asleep. I woke up about 4 in the morning and had to go into the bathroom the pain was so great or the blood pressure changed either way I slumped down out of the walker onto the floor. I stayed on the floor until about 7:30 a.m. when my friend that brought me home came to check on me and got me up and put me back in bed gave me two oxycodone and I went back to sleep. The next time I do this I will pay closer attention to Tom as I should have stayed in the hospital at least until Monday. But I am a pushover. So it's Sunday night no nurse no help no phone call from the VA up until this point they have been absolutely wonderful after they got started. Dr. Hong said he is confident I will have to do chemo therapy but I can do that up in Albany New York or Burlington Vermont
  5. All though slow to get started after they got going they are like ball a of wind everything is just perfect I have no complaints up to this point
  6. They are having a home nurse and a home assistant come twice A-day to prepare food only .The nurse world handle the medicine and change the dressing every day as it is going to need to be changed at-least until Monday
  7. Had a bit of a snag they want me out of here tomorrow and I'm not ready i have no one home.Trying for home health care
  8. They removed the lung tube last night And it felt wonderful for a while a breathing treatment came and I made a caugh and now I'm back-to ground 0 with pain Today I will just do what I can it's just too painful I was getting up I will try again .As far as the VA once we got going the care has been totally outstanding I could not ask for anything better the surgeon is outstanding the nurses are very friendly and understanding I am glad I am here if I have to be in the hospital
  9. It's over he only had to remove the top 1/3 of my lung and he was able to get the tumor out of my Trachea you so it's a little narrow now.chest tube Hurts terrible
  10. Well leaving at 3AM to have surgery at 5AM , first of the day. Rather go back to Nam than do this. Hell of a deal , 65 and scared of a little surgery.
  11. And now the VA has moved me to %100 disabled service connected. Sent in paperwork in 3/13 and approved 5/30. Now that was fast!
  12. So finally! NO BRAIN CANCER , WOOT! Surgery is scheduled for the 12th same plan , remove right lung. VA physiatrist (yep) says headaches are stress related . Still looking for a home for Amy , my room mate.
  13. *** SURGERY TELEPHONE CONTACT Has ADDENDA *** Called veteran to discussed his appointment to see the thoracic surgeon. Explained to him that Dr. Hong can see him at Bay Pines for consultation. I have contacted Bay Pines and I am trying to get appointment set for 05/09. He has a MRI on 05/23 which would be the next available clinic time. He is okay with seeing Dr. Hong at Bay Pines and will make arrangements to get there. He has my number for any other questions or to notify me of his appointment times. He thinks it is silly that we don't have a thoracic surgeon of our own in Tampa. Explained to him that we are actively looking for a surgeon but it takes time to find a good one that we want. He informed me that he wrote letters to his congressman: Bilirakis and president Trump. He hopes it helps us to get the resources we need.
  14. Might be some good news I think , hope. 64 y/o male with right upper lobe mass that is highly concerning for malignancy. case reviewed with Dr. Walsh, who feels that tissue diagnosis is not necessary given the appearance of the lesion, which is overwhelmingly likely to represent NSCLC. Dr. Hong present and reviewed imaging with patient. Risks of surgery discussed with patient at length including but not limited to: death, respiratory insuff, prolonged ventilation, irregular heart rhythm, need for blood transfusion (with associated risks for HIV/Hep C), prolonged Chest tube placement, and possible need for home o2 on discharge. Pt. agrees to proceed with surgical intervention. Right VATS, possible thoracotomy with right upper lobectomy, possible bilobectomy planned for 06/12/17. Plan: 1. MRI of the brain 05/23/17 at Tampa VA 2. will plan on R VATS, possible thoracotomy R upper lobectomy, possible bilobectomy 3. pt. instructed to resume aspirin therapy again and continue until day of surgery. 4. labs today and again on 06/09/17 5. EKG today 6. asu and lab appt on 06/09/17 7. update of h+p on 06/09/17 with Dr. Hong (overwhelmingly likely to represent NSCLC. ) I think this may be good right ?
  15. On veterans choice , it doesn't work well everywhere= VA Hospitals Still Struggling With Adding Staff Despite Billions From Choice Act
  16. Today met with Dr Hong in bay pines , he is in fact a top surgeon in his field. Surgery is set for the 12th , IF the brain mri is clear on the 23. If not no surgery and it will be considered inoperable. I am hoping for the best but headaches persist and it is not a good sign. Any way here is me ! Jeffrey Noyes (face book)
  17. Thank you for the post. The VA here offered Veterans Choice but it seems that will take up to 60 days for the paper work. I am up to = May 9th bay pines with Dr Hong , consul , May 23 for MRI of brain. No date for surgery as he goes on vacation. DAMM. I wrote to my congressman AND pres Trump. [ President Trump you have a problem with the V.A. March 9 I have x ray shows lump and Cat scan is requested same day. April 22 get Cat Scan and I have a real problem. April 24 I have consult with thoracic Dr. and decide it needs removed but need a pet scan and MRI. May 1 have PET scan still have cancer. MRI is scheduled for May 23. A consult is scheduled for JUNE 1 , No surgery date yet. If you could see the cardiology report for surgery it says MAY 8 for surgery and make arangments for my brother to come and stay. Its canceled. SO I get asking whats up and am told there is ONE , 1 , thoracic surgeon for all of James A Haley AND Bay Pines. Nurse says they have been waiting for over a year for the VA to hire one. In the mean time myself and I am sure others are dying waiting for surgery. When my stepmother was diagnosed with lung cancer she dyed 3 months later. Get us a doctor , please. ] I posted it on face book and it is getting reposted lots. Maby it will help someone. Jeff And it does hurt to take a deep breath.
  18. So , PET scan shows 1 2x3 cm right posterior perihilar mass = two parenchymal densities measuring 4cm and 2.7cm. and 2 lymph glands suspicious. Brain MRI is scheduled for 5/23 , consul with surgeon for June 1 Surgery sometime towards the end of June. so lump found 3/9 , some 4 months later surgery. I am now upset. TURNS out there is 1 ONE surgeon for all of Tampa VA and Bay Pines. You are talking BIG hospitals. I have now changed my tune to V.A. = not good.
  19. It is to be whole lung. I have ordered wedge pillow from amazon , good idea. The VA is going to provide home health care. They have in the past with heart attack I had. They installed handrails in the bathroom shower and toilet.
  20. When interviewed by the Dr he noticed speech problems , combined with headache and weakness he assumes the worse. I have asked him to be perfectly frank being all alone. Pet scan , MRI on monday now. Cardio ekg and such tomorrow to evaluate heart for surgery next week. (they say)
  21. Tampa called , been moved to Bay Pines in St Pete. Seems that is where the Dr is they want me to see because this kind of cancer also goes for the brain (still have headaches) Small Cell Extensive Stage Just gets better every day. Still on for PET scan Monday but added back a biopsy to check to see if it is the type of cancer he thinks it is. ? Surgery is still a go for next week. does that make sense ?
  22. I am all alone and scared. Not to proud to admit it.
  23. Seems to be fluid , it is painful to breath deep. Right lung. No biopsy Dr wants to proceed with just a PET scan. Says no point. Headache can be the cancer has already spread to brain or hopefully psychosomatic. PET scan Monday 1st with surgery immediately after. They also rushed me through a C&R evaluation and said 100% disability no problem. TAMPA VA has been great so far. life goes on
  24. Appointment was not good or good however you look at it. Going to remove whole RT lung. Do pet scan and biopsy on large lymph node. Seems half of lung has collapsed. And look into bad headaches.
  25. On 40% now for neuropathy and heart attacks . VA dr said the bright side is I will go to 100-% now. some bright side. Wonder if its normal for my chest to hurt some.?