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  1. Got the scan results, feels devastated . Looks like chemo is not working .primary mass size increased from 10 cm to 12cm. Supraclavicular, mediastinal, abdominal lymph nodes sizes also increased and new nodes also found. Is this the reason for not able to eat?Tomorrow is Oncologist appointment to know the future plans. Also I read some where squamous cell doesn't respond to chemo, is it true? If chemo doesn't work what are the other treatment plans?Immunotherapy is very expensive in India. Since no mutations found no question of Targeted therapy. I asked my brother to ask doctor to insist on radiation but I doubt doctor will go that route. (Last month when I talked to him he said he suggest if it spreads to bones /brain to manage pain) So confused, scared. Thanks Kaly
  2. Thank you Tom and Michelle. His planned 6 chemos are done and waiting for the scan results which was done yesterday. Hoping for the shrinkage.Reason I am more worried is he was absolutely fine until last week other than 2-3 days after chemo infusion.(His last infusion was almost 3 weeks back) From last week he was very fatigue and not eating anything because of pain. Since I was not with him I am not sure where he was feeling pain exactly yesterday he clearly mentioned that it's painful at throat and rib cage when he is earing. This worries me a lot. Unfortunately he can not take ice cream as he is diadetic as well. Will update as soon as scan results come. Thanks kaly
  3. Thank you for the Reply Tom. He is having only chemo no radiation, I did talk to the doctor regarding radiation he said it doesn't help not sure why. So he is getting only chemo so far. His cancer spreaded to supraclavicular lymph nodes he is thinking swallowing difficulty might be because of that. It seems doc suggested him to eat mushy foods to swallow easily. Thanks Kaly
  4. My brother had 6 chemo treatments of carboplatin and Taxol. His scan is scheduled for next wednesday. Until last week he was doing fine however since last week he has been complaining that he is having upper back shoulder pain also lot of fatigue. He feels hungry but not able to swallow, lost so much weight because of this. He is also having severe heartburn. I am confused are these symptoms mean cancer is growing or side effects of chemo? So depressed and devastated at this moment since I live far away from him and not able to help him. Thanks Kaly
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    Hi Tom, Thank you for the response, it really means alot to me . My brother was diagnosed squamous cell carcinoma not adenocarcinoma. My brother is in India and I am in USA so I can't accompany him for doctor visit however My other brother goes along with him. Today he got 5th cycle of chemo and onc advised to complete 6 cycles of carboplatin and taxol and see . Thanks Kaly
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    Hi, My name is Kaly . My brother was diagnosed in Jan 2017 as stage IV NSCLC squamous cell.He is from India. He has 4 cycles of carboplatin / Taxol . After 3 months pet scan there is slight reduction in primary mass and some of lymph nodes. However there is a new nodule found in supraclavicular lymph node . Unfortunately all mutation test results are also negative so targeted therapy is not possible according to Onc. Not sure of immunotherapy availability in India. So overwhelmed and tensed at this moment and seeking for treatment advice to talk to oncologist in this kind of situation. Thanks kaly