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  1. Survivor / Advocate Conga-Line !

    Ruthie, that wig looks wonderful on you! But I bet your family is right, and you look just as good without it. I really do like the style of it, and I was hoping to get something kind of like it. Ideally, I would love it to look like my standard hair so the transition is not too jarring for the people in my life. I was wondering if you... or anyone one who reads this, has any experience with wigs like this: http://www.godivassecretwigs.com/monofilament-wigs/ Just found out about these. They have something going on where they make the hair look like it is coming out of the scalp. I really want something that looks natural, so maybe that and a lace front could be good. Because as good as bangs look on you, I have never been able to pull them off. So my question is, are these things worth the price? And is there anything about the hair care that is special? I see a lot of videos online about wig care, but I was not sure if those apply to wigs like the ones I mentioned.
  2. Cancer diet... Can we move the mark?

    Thanks for the resource Katie!
  3. Carbs cause Lung Cancer?

    Thanks for the helpful reply Tom! I am gonna order a copy on amazon and take the time to really immerse myself in it. I appreciate the help! Strickland
  4. Cancer diet... Can we move the mark?

    Is there a paper or lecture of Dr. Sefried's that you would recommend as a good place to start? I am looking for an introduction to this sort of thing.
  5. Don't Let a Lawyer Be Your Doctor

    Thank you so much for this! Right now I am trying to make these type of preparations. Gain a general awareness of the types of things to be cautious of. I am extremely concerned with cancer-related scams in terms of... I don't know. I was trying to learn more about the "cure" type scams and was not aware of the lawsuit angle. Thank you again.
  6. Carbs cause Lung Cancer?

    I am trying to understand more about how cancer works within the body... very ambitious, but I would like to start dipping my toes in so that I can make myself more formidable against scams and baseless health claims. Is there something I could read that is a good starter guide on the type of cell growth and body functions around cancer (of course not the causes but what is happening in the body). And I would also like to know more about the carbohydrate angle if anyone has anything about how carbohydrates affect the body (the types of chemical reactions on the cellular level). It seems like people talk about these things very vaguely, and I cannot tell if that is because they don't understand the particulars of the science, or they understand that no one else knows enough to follow along. I would just like to be more informed so that I can know what questions to ask, and know what types of answers display a lack of honesty/understanding.