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  1. Good idea Tom !!! Hope I can do that soon too !!!
  2. Thank you Tom for your input !! All info helps !!! Will be looking into financial assistance ! When it rains, it pours..I'm starting to believe that. Have to have a new furnace and A/C unit installed on Tuesday...it's 21 yrs old and has gone bad. How do people deal with stress ?? I have anxiety and have taken medication for 35 yrs..but this is so overwhelming. I know some of you have gone through worse than I am but I know we are just at the beginning of our journey at this moment. I'm always thinking ahead, maybe I need to start taking one day at a time, I can't change everything I guess. Can't make my hubby's cancer go away...damn ! Prayers to all of you, Michelle
  3. Starting a journey with my husband who has advanced stage 4 lung cancer. Where or what should we be thinking of doing ? We have our Faith, he was given 2 experimental chemo treatments of Keytrada(?) which was stopped. They planned on giving him Tarceva , can't afford it. Feeling hopeless. He isn't feeling that bad, tired and coughs a little so hard to even think that he might only have less than a year to live ! So overwhelmed on what we should be doing. Financially too. We have a furnace man coming tomorrow, have a leak in our 21 year old furnace..do we spend the money to get it fixed ($8000.00) or don't fix it because of medical bills, medications, etc .........so confused ! As a couple do people split up bank accounts ?? ..I know each State is different. So many questions .....sorry ! I will be praying for all of you. Many thanks !! Michelle