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  1. Small cell

    Michele, Last night brought us both about 8 hours of solid sleep. Our consult with our family Dr was an answer to a prayer. He took him off Norco which was doing nothing. Gave him Ibuprofen 800 2x a day with the gabapentin. he gave us Hydrocortisone 2.5% and told us to keep also using the Lidocaine. He also told me not to use the prescribed ER drugs for constipation because both are harsh and result in pushing which we do not need. Lee's problem has been chronic diarrhea since end of March not constipation. The chemo & that caused the fissure. His pain level today maxed out at around a 3 and day 2 of chemo. Tomorrow brings end of round 3 BUT they need to put a port in. How are things going for you both?? Peg
  2. Questions for doctor

    There are no stupid questions. How do we learn what we are up against if we do not ask. I do recommend writing all your questions down. It helped me initially and even if the question seemed dumb I still needed the answer. The elephant in the room which no one wanted to ask was how long? My husband and son were kinda shocked when I did ask but I needed to know all of our options. So please ask away! Hugs / Prayers, Peg