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  1. Here is the weekly clip report: Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News “Discovery of New Immune Cell May Improve Treatment of Lung Cancer Patients” Specialty Pharmacy Times “Alectinib Slashes Risk of Disease Progression or Death by Half in Patients with NSCLC” Cancer Network “ASTRO Issued New Guideline on Use of SBRT in Early-Stage Lung Cancer” Radiology Business “Dozens of House Members Caution against Further Cuts to Lung Screening Reimbursement” Targeted Oncology “The Debate over Upfront Use of Newer Targeted Agents in NSCLC” Genome Web “In Efforts to Ramp Up Adoption of Liquid Biopsies, Lung Cancer Becomes Proving Ground” Mayo Clinic News Network “Blood-Based Lung Cancer Test Shows Promise: Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute” Cancer Network “Atezolizumab Active in Advanced Lung Cancer, PD-L1 Predicts Response” Harvard Business Review “New Approach to Safely Sharing Cancer Patients’ Data” Cancer Therapy Advisor “Once-Daily Radiotherapy Not Superior to Twice-Daily in SCLC” Medical Xpress “Catching Cancer Earlier—a New Frontier for Early Detection Research” Lung Cancer News Today “Entinostat-Keytruda Clinical Trial in NSCLC Will Proceed to Next Stage” Medical Xpress “First-Line Immunotherapy Treatment Can Improve Survival for Subset of Lung Cancer Patients” PR Newswire “FDA Approves First Companion Diagnostic Test to Simultaneously Screen for Multiple Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Therapies” Cure Today “Combination Approved for BRAF-Positive Lung Cancer” Healio “10 Updates in Immunotherapy Research”{4f336a9e-848e-49d8-8fe1-a43d04bbce72}/10-updates-in-immunotherapy-research
  2. MONDAY, JUNE 5 Reuters “Roche's Alecensa bests Pfizer's Xalkori in lung cancer trial” Forbes “A New Cancer Drug Helped Almost Everyone Who Took It. Almost. Here's What It Teaches Us” The Telegraph (UK) “Cancer Patients Who Enter Their Symptoms into an App Live Longer than Expected, Study Suggests” Patient Daily “FDA OKs Novartis’ Zykadia for Metastatic Lung Cancer Affecting the Brain” TUESDAY, JUNE 6 Drug Discovery & Development “ASCO 2017: Investigational Agent Improves Survival Outcomes for EGFR-Positive Lung Cancer” The Washington Post “8 Things Doctors are Buzzing about at the Biggest Cancer Meeting” WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7 Fannin Sentinel “Lungevity: Shining Light on the Invisible Disease” PR Newswire “Julie R. Brahmer, MD., MSc, is recognized by Continental Who's Who” Healio “Pembrolizumab Reduces Need for Second-Line Therapy in Advanced NSCLC”{7d9e7f9c-c66a-4f06-9ab3-e95da959cad5}/pembrolizumab-reduces-need-for-second-line-therapy-in-advanced-nsclc ASCO Daily News “Studies Explore Targeted Therapies in Lung Cancer” THURSDAY, JUNE 8 The New York Times “Cancer Drug Proves to Be Effective Against Multiple Tumors” The New York Times “When Your Personal War on Cancer Is Exhausting” EurekAlert “Scientific Advances in Thoracic Oncology in 2016 Highlighted by the IASLC” FRIDAY, JUNE 9 Healio “Primary NSCLC May Be Underdiagnosed Among Patients with Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma”{97a56d74-d2e8-44d3-942a-7e8f636341b7}/primary-nsclc-may-be-underdiagnosed-among-patients-with-metastatic-renal-cell-carcinoma Cure Today “Expert Discusses the Future of EGFR+ and ALK+ Lung Cancer” USA Today “’How Long Have I Got?’: Why Many Cancer Patients Don’t Have Answers ”
  3. Here is the weekly clip report: TUESDAY, MAY 30 Miami Herald “Using Your Immune System to Fight Cancer is Showing Significant Promise” Cancer Network “Certinib Gets First-Line FDA Approval ALK-Positive Lung Cancer” WEDNESDAY, MAY 31 CHEST (American College of Chest Physicians) “What You Need to Know About Biopsies for Lung Cancer” OncLive “Modern Biopsy Techniques Changing the Scope of Lung Cancer Diagnosis” Reuters “Cancer Meeting to Provide Clues on Future Immunotherapy Combos” Genome Web “Vanderbilt Team Using Mass Spec to Research Cancer Immunotherapy” THURSDAY, JUNE 1 Lung Cancer News Today “Trilaciclib Improves Chemo’s Effectiveness Against Small Cell Lung Cancer, Study Finds” PR Newswire “Roche Announces FDA Approval of Companion Diagnostic to Identify ALK-Positive Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients” Business Wire “Atreca, Inc., and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Establish Broad Cancer Immunotherapy R&D Collaboration” NBC News “More New Cancer Drugs Mean Higher Costs But Also Longer Lives” FRIDAY, JUNE 2 Bloomberg “A Hot-Cancer Drug Race Keeps Getting More Crowded” Business Insider “The FDA and a $1.2 Billion Startup Are Analyzing How Drugs Are Used After Approval – and It Could One Day Change How we Treat Cancer” U.S. News & World Report “As Scientists Train the Immune System to Fight Cancer, Others Look to Combat Costs”
  4. MONDAY, MAY 22 USA Today “Hope Summit is Just that for Lung Cancer Survivors” Patient Daily “AstraZeneca Reports Positive Results in Trial Using Imfinzi in Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cases” TUESDAY, MAY 23 Business Insider “The FDA just Took an Entirely New Approach Approving a Cancer Drug” Clinical Oncology News “ASCO Report: Gefitinib beats Chemo After Surgery in NSCLC” U.S. News & World Report “Advice for Lung Cancer Caregivers” WEDNESDAY, MAY 24 Medical Xpress “Using a Genetic Signature to Overcome Chemotherapy-Resistant Lung Cancer” Reuters “Brief – Onocyte Presents Positive Lung Cancer Blood Test Data at American Thoracic Society” THURSDAY, MAY 25 Genome Web “OncoCyte Lung Cancer Test Validation Data Bodes Well for Launch This Year” PR Newswire “NCCN Awards Grants to Investigators at Member Institutions to Study Osimertinib in Lung Cancer” FRIDAY, MAY 26 Cancer Therapy Advisor “Lung Cancer Radiotherapy Might Improve Immune Checkpoint Blockade-Associated Survival” Cure Today “FDA Approves Zykadia for Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer” Patient Daily “Gefitinib Shown to Delay Recurrence of Lung Cancer Following Surgery” The ASCO Post “The Ongoing Challenges of Lung Cancer Screening” ASCO Daily News “Targeting RET Rearrangements in Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer”
  5. MONDAY, MAY 15 Medscape “What’s New for Lung Cancer? Stay Tuned for ASCO 2017” TUESDAY, MAY 16 Healio “Survivors of Hodgkin Lymphoma Have Increased Risk for Second Cancer”{099e0b29-8044-4d8c-8215-f0691027f7d8}/survivors-of-hodgkin-lymphoma--increased-risk-for-second-cancer Forbes “How AI and Deep Learning is now Used to Diagnose Cancer” WEDNESDAY, MAY 17 Medical Xpress “Brigatinib First to Offer Over 1-Year Control of ALK-Positive Lung Cancer Post-Crizotinib” U.S. News & World Report “Cancer Fatigue: So Tired by Treatment” Boston Globe “Two MGH Doctors Offer Step-by-Step Advice for Living with Cancer” THURSDAY, MAY 18 Reuters “Merck, Incyte Immunotherapy Combination Effective in Lung Cancer Study” Medical Xpress “Targeted Therapy Can Delay Recurrence of Intermediate-Stage Lung Cancer” FRIDAY, MAY 19 Reuters “CHMP Backs Novartis's Zykadia for First-Line Use in Lung Cancer” News-Medical “Researchers Discover Novel Mechanism That Causes Malignant Pleural Effusion in Lung Cancer Patients”
  6. Here is the weekly clip report: MONDAY, MAY 8 Medical Xpress “Study Identifies New Target to Fight Prostate, Lung Cancer” WTIU-FM (Indiana Public Media) “New Study To Examine Why Patients Choose Lung Cancer Screenings” Cancer Network “Checkpoint Inhibitors Improve Response to Salvage Chemotherapy in NSCLC” TUESDAY, MAY 9 US News & World Report “Here’s How to Manage Lung Cancer Side Effects” New York Post “How Assembling the Right Cancer Team May Save Your Life” WEDNESDAY, MAY 10 WETA-TV (PBS—Washington, DC) “This Cuban Lung Cancer Drug Is Giving Some U.S. Patients Hope” Cure “Will Immunotherapy Move into All Lung Cancer Patient Populations?” THURSDAY, MAY 11 Lung Cancer News Today “Clinical Trial to Test Biocept’s Target Selector Platform as Diagnosis, Monitoring Tool for Lung Cancer” Reuters “U.S. FDA Approves Merck Immunotherapy/Chemo Combo for Lung Cancer” FRIDAY, MAY 12 Fortune “Why Merck’s Keytruda Just Became a Lung Cancer Game Changer” Cancer Therapy Advisor “Alectinib Beats Crizotinib in ALK-positive Non-small Cell Lung Cancer” Eurek Alert “Invasive Lung Cancer Cells Display Symbiosis -- Key to metastasis” Reuters “AstraZeneca’s Durvalumab Shown in Trial to Reduce Risk of Death from Lung Cancer”
  7. Here is the weekly clip report: TUESDAY, MAY 2 US News “The Link Between Air Pollution and Lung Cancer” Cure “Adding Mindfulness: Innovation for an Optimal Preoperative Rehabilitation Before Lung Cancer Resection” WEDNESDAY, MAY 3 Cure “Speaking the Language of Lung Cancer” NPR “Urgent Care Services for Cancer Patients Offer a Gentler ER Alternative” Medscape “The Evolving Landscape for EGFR Mutation-Positive Advanced NSCLC: Clarifying a New Standard of Care” Fortune Magazine “This Is What’s Missing in the Data-Centric Approach to Cancer” Forbes “Joe Biden on His New Cancer Initiative, Drug Prices and Donald Trump” THURSDAY, MAY 4 Vanderbilt News “Lovly Elected to American Society for Clinical Investigation” Targeted Oncology “Expert Highlights Benefits of Next-Generation Sequencing for NSCLC” FRIDAY, MAY 5 Huffington Post “Using AI to Spot Lung Cancer” The Science Times “Air Pollution Induces Lung Cancer Too: Here’s What You Should Know”
  8. MONDAY, APRIL 17 Onc Live “Immunotherapy Agents, Combinations to Compete for Frontline NSCLC” Reuters “OncoMed's lung cancer drug fails mid-stage study, shares tumble” Cure Today “All in the Family: Discussing Screenings and Preventative Surgery for Inherited Cancers” TUESDAY, APRIL 18 Chicago Tribune “Breathe Deep North Shore Aimes to Focus Attention on Lung Cancer” US News – Health “New Treatments for Lung Cancer” Lung Cancer News Today “Opdivo More Than Tripled 5-Year Survival Rates in NSCLC Patients in Phase 1 Study” WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19 Media News Today “Lung Cancer: Blood Test May Lead to Earlier, Personalized Treatment” The Huffington Post “’State of the Air 2017’ – Who’s Best and Worst?” THURSDAY, APRIL 20 Medical Xpress “New Test for Early Detection of Lung Cancer Measures Tiny Charges in the Composition of Breath” FRIDAY, APRIL 21 Cancer Therapy Advisor “In Focus: Atezolizumab for Non-small Cell Lung Cancer”
  9. MONDAY, APRIL 10 Fox Sports “This Week’s Bow Tie Represents … LUNGevity” The Huffington Post “Getting Screened: Taking Charge Of Your Own Health May Save Your Life” TUESDAY, APRIL 11 Lohud (USA Today) “Pulmonary Rehabilitation Proves Effective for Some Lung Cancer Patients” Lung Cancer News Today “Genentech’s Alecensa Superior to Xalkori in Newly Diagnosed ALK+ Advanced NSCLC Patients” WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12 PR Newswire “Alice Shaw of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University Joins the LUNGevity Foundation Scientific Advisory Board” Forbes “Which Cancer Patients Will be Helped by Powerful Immune Drugs” THURSDAY, APRIL 13 Onc Live “Liquid Biopsy Testing Detects Recurrence in High-Risk NSCLC” FRIDAY, APRIL 14 Washington Life Magazine “LUNGevity Musical Celebration of Hope Gala”
  10. Here is the weekly clip report: MONDAY, APRIL 3 PR Newswire “LUNGevity Launches Groundbreaking Platform for Patient Voices” ABC News “U.S. Cancer Deaths are Decreasing, Study Finds” The Blade “UT Researchers Map Genetic Code to Determine Cancer Risk” TUESDAY, APRIL 4 WWTV-TV (CBS—Traverse City, MI) “LUNGevity Launches Groundbreaking Platform for Patient Voices” Lung Cancer News Today “Screening Initiative in Georgia Finds Twice the Lung Cancer Rate of Previous Efforts” WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5 OncLive “Frontline Setting for ALK+ NSCLC Set to Undergo Shift” Oncology Nursing News “Nivolumab 5-Year Survival Rate Exceeds Expectations in NSCLC” THURSDAY, APRIL 6 CNBC “The Land of Vikings May Hold the Cure for Cancer” MIT News “Study Helps Explain Varying Outcomes for Cancer, Down Syndrome” Lung Cancer News Today “Alecensa Improves Progression-Free Survival in Certain Lung Cancer Patients” FRIDAY, APRIL 7 “When Health Advocates Can’t Save Themselves”
  11. LUNGevity Foundation has launched Patient FoRCe, the first-ever critical bridge to connect the voices of lung cancer patients — a significant population — with health care professionals, regulators, policymakers, and developers of drugs. “Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer, taking the lives of 157,000 Americans every year. LUNGevity is leading the way in changing the paradigm of cancer treatment ─ from assuming patient wishes to evidence-based conclusions about what patients value,” said LUNGevity Chairman Andrea Stern Ferris. “Through Patient FoRCe, lung cancer patient voices will be heard and heeded as policy is developed, research is conducted, and treatment decisions are made.” Patient FoRCe, LUNGevity’s Patient-Focused Research Center, will undertake never-before studies of those living with lung cancer, collecting and sharing robust qualitative and quantitative data about lung cancer patients’ preferences and experiences to inform treatment, as well as relevant policy and research protocols. Patient FoRCe’s immediate focus will include continuing a study of patient preferences and experiences regarding access to care, treatment and diagnostic options, and the impact of symptoms on daily living, as well as conducting studies to facilitate patients’ access to biomarker testing, which is essential to implementing precision medicine. Patient FoRCe will also initiate a study into increasing adherence to lung cancer screening protocols for people at high risk for lung cancer. Additional projects will be based on stakeholder input and the guidance of an external advisory board of survivors, academic and community clinicians, industry partners, patient advocacy groups, and community partners. LUNGevity formally announced Patient FoRCe at the American Association for Cancer Research’s 2017 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, on Sunday, April 2. Andrea Stern Ferris spoke to the urgency of the initiative, saying, “For too long, public policy, the practice of medicine, and drug development have not adequately integrated the viewpoint of patients. LUNGevity is determined to change that paradigm. By incorporating the patient’s voice into every step of the process – in policymaking, in trials, in treatments – we will improve outcomes for those diagnosed with lung cancer.” “Our goal is to uncover gaps in information, misperceptions about patient attitudes, and areas of unmet patient need,” explained Dr. Upal Basu Roy, Director of Patient FoRCe. “LUNGevity is the only organization driving this type of change for the lung cancer community, and we anticipate that our findings will shape the future of lung cancer care.” For more information about Patient FoRCe, visit Click here to read the full press release.
  12. Good evening, LCSC! Here is the weekly clip report: MONDAY, MARCH 27 OncLive “Expert Provides Perspective on Immunotherapy Advances in Lung Cancer” R&D Magazine “Cancer Linked to DNA Copying Mistakes” United Press International “New Color Change Test May Advance Cancer Research” TUESDAY, MARCH 28 Oncology Nurse Advisor “Free Lung Cancer Screening Findings Support Continual Screenings in High-Risk Populations” OncLive “Efforts Continue to Introduce Immunotherapy into Earlier NSCLC Settings” BioAnalysis Zone “Lung Cancer Recurrence Detected Earlier Circulating Tumor Cell Test” WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29 All Events “Join Team LUNGevity for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon” Oncology Nurse Advisor “CTCs Promising as Biomarker to Identify Lung Cancer Recurrence” THURSDAY, MARCH 30 Medical Xpress “Studies Find Promise for Innovations in Liquid Biopsies” “How AbbVie is Attacking Tumors at their Roots” FRIDAY, MARCH 31 Cure Today “Tagrisso gets Full Approval in Lung Cancer” Healio “Annual report: Overall cancer death rates continue to decline, but problem areas persist”{01baf9ad-ff7a-4166-afd5-ceeaf73717ba}/annual-report-overall-cancer-death-rates-continue-to-decline-but-problem-areas-persist
  13. Good evening! Here is the weekly clip report: MONDAY, MARCH 6 Reuters “OncoCyte says study confirms accuracy of lung cancer blood test” Oncology Live “Ongoing Research of Immunotherapy in HNSCC” TUESDAY, MARCH 7 Oncology Live “Dr. Levine on Palliative Care for NSCLC” PR Newswire “Trovera™ EGFR Urine Liquid Biopsy Test Predictive of Clinical Response to Therapy: Case Series in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer” WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8 Technology Networks “Towards Noninvasive Detection of Lung Cancer” CURE: Cancer Updates, Research & Education “SBRT Is Promising in Early-Stage Lung Cancer, Though Not Widely Used” THURSDAY, MARCH 9 Lung Cancer News Today “New Pathway Controlling Spread of Lung Cancer Could Be Targeted for Therapy” Bel Marra Health “Nasal swab may be useful for confirming lung cancer diagnosis” FRIDAY, MARCH 10 Drug Discovery & Development “OncoCyte Reports Successful Results of Lung Cancer Diagnostic Test Study” Medical Xpress “Cancer immunotherapy: Revived T cells still need fuel” WKBT-TV (CBS – La Crosse, WI) “Lung cancer screenings can save lives”
  14. Here is the weekly clip report: MONDAY, MARCH 13 CBS News “On The Horizon: the cancer breath test” Tulane University “Tulane researcher shows more education eases cancer patients’ fear"’-fear TUESDAY, MARCH 14 Cure “What’s Next for Immunotheraoy and Targeted in Lung Cancer?” Clinical Leader “Heat Biologics Meets Efficacy Endpoint in its Phase 1b Lung Cancer Trial to Progress to Phase 2” WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15 Triage Cancer “Triage Cancer Conferences” The Scientist “Antibody Therapy Targets Cancer Stem Cells: Study” Immuno-Oncology News “T-cells Need Extra Boost After Activation by Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors, Study Shows” THURSDAY, MARCH 16 U.S. News & World Report “Cancer and Infertility: Why Aren’t More Women Being Told About the Risks?” Medical Xpress “Prevention and prediction: Understanding how lung cancer progresses” FRIDAY, MARCH 17 “Altuve Meet and Greet Part of Charity Auction” News-medical “Penn studies provide new understanding of lung cancer progression and prevention” Healio “Multiple Biopsies May Help Identify, Treat Resistance in NSCLC”{ea75e3de-cbe0-4052-a0aa-86ca1516b426}/multiple-biopsies-may-help-identify-treat-resistance-in-nsclc
  15. Here is the weekly clip report: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27 The Baltimore Sun “Buck Showalter ensuring Orioles keep memory of former PR director Monica Barlow” Medical News Today “Nasal swab could help diagnose lung cancer” TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28 Bloomberg “Coffee Shop Meeting Inspires Novel Way to Kill Cancer” Yale Daily News “Yale study examines lung cancer metastasis” WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1 Yahoo “Latest Health Union Survey Finds Lung Cancer Patients Stressed and Scared but Hopeful” Oncology Live “Toxicities Associated with Anti-PD-1 Immunotherapy" THURSDAY, MARCH 2 Lung Cancer News Today “New Pathway Controlling Spread of Lung Cancer Could Be Targeted for Therapy” Bel Marra Health “Nasal swab may be useful for confirming lung cancer diagnosis” FRIDAY, MARCH 3 PR Web “The ‘Informed’ Series, Hosted by Rob Lowe, Will Cover Lung Cancer Treatment in a New Segment” Medical News Today “Cancer-related fatigue: Exercise, psychological therapies best treatments”
  16. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20 CURE: Cancer Updates, Research & Education “Mobile App Helps Patients Navigate a Lung Cancer Diagnosis at the Touch of a Button” Medical Xpress “Discovery of a new gene critical in the development of lung and pancreatic cancers” TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21 Oncology Live “Molecular Testing for NSCLC in 2017” CURE: Cancer Updates, Research & Education “Agent Shows Promise and Safety in Small Cell Lung Cancer” WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22 “FDA grants priority review to Zykadia for ALK–positive metastatic NSCLC”{d9871c02-8446-4d05-8750-c542fc10cd7f}/fda-grants-priority-review-to-zykadia-for-alk-positive-metastatic-nsclc The Hill “Cancer treatment is changing and coverage must change with it” THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23 Oncology Live “Clinical Trial Reform is Urgently Needed” Medical Xpress “Digital pathology platforms can now determine the metastatic potential of cells in a tissue biopsy” FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24 NPR “Advice From Patients On A Study's Design Makes For Better Science” Weill Cornell Medicine Newsroom “New Type of Genetic Mutation Identified in Cancer”
  17. Good evening! Here is the weekly clip report: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13 It’s Your Health “Linda Wenger of Lungevity” Advantage News “Health center offers new lung cancer screening tool” Oncology Live “Rovalpituzumab Tesirine Active and Safe in Small Cell Lung Cancer” TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14 Lung Cancer News Today “Study of Aggressive Lung Cancer Subtype May Pave Way for Targeted Treatment” Med City News “Penn Medicine wields Big Data to help lung cancer patients avoid ER” Bio Pharma Dive “Liquid Biopsies: The Next Frontier in Cancer?” WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15 Yale News “Limiting lung cancer’s spread and growth in the brain” CancerNetwork “Understanding the Links Between Lung Cancer, COPD, and Emphysema: A Key to More Effective Treatment and Screening” THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16 KFM Radio (San Diego, CA) “Acclaimed Country Artist Wade Hayes to Perform and Share His Cancer Story at LUNGevity HOPE Summit” CURE: Cancer Updates, Research & Education “Another Year of Lung Cancer Advancements Expected in 2017” FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17 SELF “The One Very Subtle Symptom of Lung Cancer You Need to Know” CURE: Cancer Updates, Research & Education “Agent Shows Promise and Safety in Small Cell Lung Cancer”
  18. Here is the weekly clip report: TUESDAY, JANUARY 24 CNN “Cancer down nationwide, but 'hot spots' persist” CURE: Cancer Updates, Research, & Education “Findings Emphasize the Importance of Pursuing Treatment for Late-Stage Lung Cancer” WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25 “Lungevity Foundation Partners To Launch Lung Cancer Helpline” Specialty Pharmacy Times “Small Cell Lung Cancer Not A Uniform Disease” THURSDAY, JANUARY 26 Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) “SU2C Opens Calls for New Approach to “Intercept” Cancer in Dream Teams for Pancreas and Lung Cancers” FRIDAY, JANUARY 27 “Tools and technologies for a genomics revolution” Sydney Morning Herald “Lung Cancer Breakthrough made by Australian Scientists” I hope you have a nice weekend! With gratitude, Lauren
  19. TUESDAY, JANUARY 17 Yahoo “LUNGevity Foundation Issues Request for Applications for 2017 Career Development Awards for Translational Research in Lung Cancer” Lung Cancer News Today “Merck Seeks FDA Approval of Keytruda, Chemotherapy Combo for Certain Lung Cancer Patients” WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18 Forbes “Precision Medicine Gives People With Cancer New Hope In 2017” NPR “What Does It Mean When Cancer Findings Can't Be Reproduced?” THURSDAY, JANUARY 19 KFMB-TV (CBS – San Diego, CA) “Lungevity Foundation Partners With CancerCare To Launch Lung Cancer Helpline” FRIDAY, JANUARY 20 CURE: Cancer Updates, Research and Education “Expert Discusses Keytruda's Future in Lung Cancer” Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center “Six Myths about Lung Cancer Screening: What You Need to Know”
  20. Happy Friday, LCSC Here is the weekly clip report: MONDAY, JANUARY 9 Forbes “Illumina Adds IBM Watson To DNA Test For Cancer Patients” Forbes Welcome<> Forbes Welcome page -- Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle. Yahoo Finance “Cota Publishes New Study Showing Some Lung Cancer Patients Are Being Left Behind in Genomic Revolution” Cota Publishes New Study Showing Some Lung Cancer Patients Are Being Left Behind in Genomic Revolution<> NEW YORK, Jan 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Cota, the leading data and technology platform for value-based precision medicine, today announced the release of a new lung cancer study conducted jointly with Novartis that compares real-world practice patterns of genetic testing of EGFR/ALK mutations versus published TUESDAY, JANUARY 10 Clinical Oncology News “New Tool Predicts Survival for Patients With Lung Cancer and Brain Metastases” New Tool Predicts Survival for Patients With Lung Cancer and Brain Metastases<> A new, user-friendly index called the Graded Prognostic Assessment for Lung Cancer Using Molecular Markers (Lung-molGPA) may help guide clinical decision making and stratification of future clinical trials for patients with lung cancer. Oncology Nurse Advisor “Considerable Shifts in NSCLC Treatment With Modest Gains in Survival” International Business Times “Cure For Cancer? Joe Biden Vows To End Cancer Within 5 Years, But It Won't Be Easy” WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11 WBBH-TV (NBC – Fort Myers, FL) “LUNGevity Foundation Introduces A New Mobile App To Help Patients Understand And Manage Life With Lung Cancer” []<> LUNGevity Foundation Introduces A New Mobile App To Help Patients Understand And Manage Life With Lung Cancer<> NBC2 News and Weather online for Southwest Florida, serving Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Desoto, Glades and Hendry counties CURE: Cancer Updates, Research & Education “Stigma and Lung Cancer” []<> Stigma and Lung Cancer<> An article recently published in a special issue of CURE focused on lung cancer, “Quitting Smoking Is Possible and Reduces Cancer Risk<>,” has generated discussion on social media and in our Discussion Forum. THURSDAY, JANUARY 12 WCSC-TV (CBS – Charleston, SC) “LUNGevity Foundation Introduces A New Mobile App To Help Patients Understand And Manage Life With Lung Cancer” “Update on Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatments” Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer “Lung Cancer Guidelines (Cancer Immunotherapy Guidelines-LC)” *Note: Lists Andrea Ferris as a member of the Task Force. FRIDAY, JANUARY 13 PR Newswire “Edward Garon, MD, of UCLA joins the LUNGevity Foundation Scientific Advisory Board” I hope you have a nice weekend! With gratitude, Lauren
  21. Edward Garon, MD, of UCLA joins the LUNGevity Foundation Scientific Advisory Board Dr. Garon brings expertise in clinical trials and other key areas to LUNGevity’s research program FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Austin Courtney (202) 414-0791 WASHINGTON, DC (January 13, 2017) – LUNGevity Foundation, the nation’s preeminent lung cancer research foundation, today announced that Edward Garon, MD, has joined LUNGevity’s Scientific Advisory Board, a group of 19 world-renowned scientists and researchers who guide LUNGevity’s scientific strategy and research program. The Scientific Advisory Board is integral to the Foundation, overseeing the scientific approach and ensuring that grants are awarded to the researchers whose proposals demonstrate the greatest potential for finding lung cancer at its earliest, most treatable phase, as well as extending and improving lives for lung cancer survivors. LUNGevity is the only lung cancer organization with programmatic focuses on early detection and Career Development Awards. LUNGevity-funded researchers are working on finding a better way to detect lung cancer, and to better diagnose, treat, and prevent its recurrence. The research program is a crucial factor in moving the science forward to improve outcomes for people living with lung cancer. Dr. Garon is the Director of the Thoracic Oncology Program at the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center at UCLA and Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Hematology-Oncology at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He has been the principal investigator of peer-reviewed grants from various funding organizations, including the National Cancer Institute. His focus is on clinical research and biomarker development. He has served as the principal investigator on national and international phase I, II, and III clinical trials. Among these are trials that have led to the approval of drugs for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer, including ramucirumab (Cyramza®) and the immunotherapy pembrolizumab (Keytruda®). “We are honored that Dr. Garon has joined our Scientific Advisory Board,” said Andrea Ferris, President and Chairman of LUNGevity Foundation. “His expertise and advice will be invaluable to furthering LUNGevity’s goal to improve outcomes for lung cancer patients.” Click here to read the complete press release on
  22. Looking for good resources to keep me up to date on recent advances in treatment of lung cancer. I know access to the latest is what will make the difference; I have found the daily news updates at this site to be quite useful would like to know what other sources people have found useful Thanks Maltman
  23. Good afternoon, LCSC members! Every Friday, I will start sharing a weekly clip report in this forum. I encourage you to reply to each thread to let us know what kind of news stories are most interesting/relevant to you. I'll post the first weekly clip report this Friday, December 16! With gratitude, Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  24. A breakthrough study by local doctors may hold new clues to one day curing certain cancers such as lung cancer. Updated: Wed, Aug 26 2015, 12:54 AM CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- A breakthrough study by local doctors may hold new clues to one day curing certain cancers such as lung cancer. A new drug recently approved for use by the FDA showed promise for patients in a whole new way. By the time Jean Pierre Heiremans, or JP as he's known, saw Dr. David Waterhouse, traditional treatment for his stage four lung cancer no longer appeared to be stopping its spread. So Dr. Waterhouse gave him the option of enrolling in a clinical trial. It was comparing a newer therapy, called Nivolumab, to another traditional treatment medication. JP didn't know if he'd be given the newer therapy but he knows if he did get it, “This to me was something that didn't have odds to it yet because it was new, there were no odds. So I could make my own odds.” JP got lucky, He not only got the newer therapy and did make his own odds, he's still making them. The study results were published in the New England Journal of Medicine and showed JP wasn't the only one! As Dr. Waterhouse showed, when they started comparing the two study groups officials saw near doubling of survival. The trial drug appeared to work by sort of altering switches on cells to help the body fight back against the cancer. And not only did it appear to double the odds of survival in some, compared to the traditional treatment for others Dr. Waterhouse discovered, “Not only were they surviving, they were living.” Some in the study, such as JP, responded so well they just kept living and thriving. They were what Dr. Waterhouse called extraordinary or super responders. “When we did this study what we saw was a large number of those extraordinary responders, that unexpected home run. And we are not sure what's going to happen in them,” said Dr. Waterhouse What was most exciting, he said, about the trial wasn’t just the amazing results; it was that it was actually changing the way people think about living with cancer. The super performers, or super responders, really let officials know that there were long term outcomes they had never had before, changing the face of cancer survivorship. “What really made the trial so important was it showed a promise down the road that there was going to be a day that doctors could cure solid tumors. JP is now more than three years out of his treatment. He's exceeded his own odds of certain milestones such as seeing his daughter get married. He said he felt he was paving the way now for others to exceed the odds too and live with cancer as they would any other chronic health problem. Read More at: