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Survivor / Advocate Conga-Line !

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Oh-ay-Oh-ay!  Oh-ay-OOhOO-AH!

I'm copying something that I saw posted on another one of our social media platforms.  

Survivor Conga line!  (Insert Gloria Esteban singing: Come on baby shake your body do the conga!)


Tell us how long You have been living, loving and laughing since you were diagnosed!  OR since you became a lung cancer caregiver/advocate (everyone can play)

I'll start...
I became a lung cancer caregiver and advocate September 13, 2002 (14 yrs ago-went to work for LUNGevity in 2010) and I am a 21 year cervical cancer survivor and 2 year genetic liver disease (stage 4) survivor.  

(photo optional! HA!)

Now you!



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I have been an advocate since September 2011, when my uncle was diagnosed with Stage IV lc. I joined LUNGevity as a volunteer event coordinator in 2012 and became a full-time staff member in 2014. I am grateful to interact every day with other people who are dedicated to and passionate about helping to spread awareness and get lung cancer research the investment it deserves.

This is a photo of me and my uncle the day I got the job offer from LUNGevity. This fall, we will celebrate 5 years of survivorship!



Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation



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I just celebrated my 1 year "cancervesary" on Aug. 24; 1 year since my diagnosis of stage IIIb inoperable adenocarcinoma!  Yay me! So glad you guys are here (and I am, too)!

This is the one and only time this pic will see the light of in my wig! Every time I tried to wear it, my family would talk me out of it...they swear they liked the bald look better! 



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Ruthie, that wig looks wonderful on you! But I bet your family is right, and you look just as good without it.

I really do like the style of it, and I was hoping to get something kind of like it. 

Ideally, I would love it to look like my standard hair so the transition is not too jarring for the people in my life. 
I was wondering if you... or anyone one who reads this, has any experience with wigs like this:

Just found out about these. They have something going on where they make the hair look like it is coming out of the scalp.

I really want something that looks natural, so maybe that and a lace front could be good. Because as good as bangs look on you, I have never been able to pull them off. 

So my question is, are these things worth the price? And is there anything about the hair care that is special? I see a lot of videos online about wig care, but I was not sure if those apply to wigs like the ones I mentioned. 

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