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    We finally cut it from Oct 12-17th, then we find it was in the very early time. We are now everything fine now. I took care of my father during that week in the hospital. Find something important tips: 1)What ever your body status is good or not, if your age exceeds to 45, you should have a body check at least once a year. 2) Don't fear the cancer itself, most of the earlier cancers can be cured properly. 3) Lead a life with less pressure and live happily. Thanks all.
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    Hi If the doctors did not think your mother was fit to receive treatment I doubt if they would commence so there is a good sign right there. In the first infusion they are very careful and the nurse is right there for any adverse effects .The later side effects are completely different in each individual and for me were very manageable of the course of eight as was the six weeks of radiation and I am in my seventies and will continue ongoing treatment in the coming weeks. And the first treatments were a success on reducing my tumour and also my lymph nodes. Bob
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    five years down the line

    As someone on the "inside" of lung cancer research- I can tell you that there is HOPE. In just a few years we've seen fast track FDA approvals and more funding. LUNGevity science meetings are full of excited lung cancer researchers and scientists who are eager to work together to share knowledge and progress. Most of us have lost people we love to lung cancer or have someone fighting it now, so we understand the urgency and importance of investing in research, partnerships and more viable treatment options. Hang on. Live life one day at a time with hope and we continue to be here for you. Keep posting. It really does help. Hugs, katieb
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    Hi Kelly, Welcome to these forums. My lung cancer was stage 1a and required only surgery. However, before the LC, I had a very aggressive stage 3 gynecologic cancer for which I had concurrent chemo and radiation. I had some side effects and the whole thing wasn't something i would do for entertainment, but it did contribute to saving my life, so I would do it over again if need be. Now I'm 7 years from the end of treatment on that cancer and almost 2 years on the lung cancer and have no evidence of disease on either one. This site is a good place to find information, support and hope. Let us know what questions you have and how we can support you. Best wishes to your mother and to you. Bridget O
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    Hi Jacky, I'm glad to hear your father's cancer was found at an early stage and that he's fine now. He's fortunate to have you to help him. Best wishes to both of you. Bridget O
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    therapy after surgery

    I am Feeling positive after coming here and discussing my doubts with you guys. My oncologist is very optimistic guy who even went on to say that he is cured. I believe in optimism and faith. I have both now and I want my husband to have the same. Thanks a lot.
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    There are plenty of veterans of chemo and radiation here who can give you (and her) some good tips. Her being strong and otherwise healthy will definitely give her an advantage. I don't think her doctors would be proposing this course of treatment if they didn't think she is up to it. Also, if side effects from one type of chemo are too severe (and everyone reacts differently--some people have relatively mild side effects), there are other treatments to try.
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    Hi, Kelly, and welcome. Sorry about your mom's diagnosis, but it sounds like the doctors have a good treatment plan. Several people here are doing very well with immunotherapy. I don't have personal experience with radiation or drug therapy--I was lucky enough to have very early stage cancer that was treated with only surgery. Just wanted to welcome you here--this is a great group of folks and it's a great place to get both knowledge and support.
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    Robert Macaulay


    Hi Kleo I Do not worry about wonders I will be very happy to complete the full year of treatment as planned. Right now CT scan in November and meet the doctor so go from there, They were happy with my previous treatment so I see no reason this will be any different but each individual can be very different in this game of medicine. I am very fortunate as all the treatment cost are covered at no charge to me and that is very substantial over the course of this type of treatment. The doctor did go over the side effects and seem no different from the previous chemo so the way I look at it Que sera sera lol Bob