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    Eileen, I'd say your PET scan is a cause for celebration! Mild uptake and a small nodule could be anything at all. A biopsy could yield certainty but 8 mm is a very small target. Let's hope the interventional radiologist has a sharp aim! Stay the course. Tom
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    Bes, I agree. When I've had confusing scan reports, I called or messaged my medical oncologist and asked that actual film be available during our consultation. I have a very seasoned medical oncologist and he's treated me from day one. We've called up actual scans on the computer and looked at what the radiologist saw, then looked at historicals and things became less confusing. You are right about having different radiologist doing interpretation. Your medical oncologist can always send the scan back for reinterpretation. I'd mention that. Stay the course. Tom
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    Kim, Family and friends are well intended but, in my diagnostic phase, not well informed. I spent hours chasing down one miracle cure after another from the very concerned and well meaning who were most concerned about my diagnosis. My mother was especially challenging and was broadcasting everything she heard from her family and friends. After about 3 weeks of mayhem, I finally had to tell everyone I'd had enough medical advice. That didn't stop everyone; my mother was especially persistent. About midway into my third line treatment, I discovered an on-line cancer website and gave those close to me the link so they could read about my treatment experience. More important, they could read about other cancer survivors treatment experience and that combination of information and insight turned down the volume on the miracle cure or "tell your doc to try this" advice. You can use this site as a source of information if you think that would help. Alternatively, you could refer folks to Lung Cancer 101 at the LUNGevity website so they could read into our disease and perhaps understand what you are experiencing. Diagnostic delay is hard to tolerate. I endured about 3 weeks of coughing up blood that made going out in public embarrassing. But in those 3 weeks, diagnostics determined my type and stage and set the course for my treatment. Once a treatment plan was established, things moved quickly but there were still delays. While in first line pre-surgical treatment, the radiation machine experienced a technical fault that took about 3 days to correct, and I worried that each day of missed radiation would allow my tumor to spread like wildfire. They just added 3 additional treatment days to the end of my scheduled plan, and the radiation oncologist said treatment plans were designed to accommodate interruptions. Lung cancer to the newly diagnosed is a very difficult concept to understand. It is a serious, life threatening disease and for most, it is the first such encounter. There is a new vocabulary to master with baffling drug names and strange acronyms. And, there is unsettling uncertainty to deal with. The only comfort I can offer is most here have been down your path and are still hanging around the forum. Your doctor is giving good counsel. Lung cancer affects individuals and each of us is different. That difference means the best possible schedule expectation is always a rough order of magnitude estimate. A projection of 3 weeks of diagnostics could easily turn into 6 weeks, especially with the new biomarker biopsy testing. But this testing is essential because targeted therapies and immunotherapy are very effective treatment methods. So.... Stay the course. Tom