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  1. Need advice, experience, something!

    This has not been my experience. I was diagnosed during surgery to remove a mass. Within 24 hours, I met the oncologist and he had a plan for me (chemo) by the time I showed up at his office after surgery recovery. Super Doc saw me each time I had an infusion. With my recurrence, I had both chemo and radiation. Again, Super Doc saw me each week and radiation onc saw me once a week. Bottom line: you and your family have to decide what is best for you. Your doctor shouldn't be defensive when you ask questions or want to know what's next. If you have other options, you may want to look into them. Hang in there.
  2. Cancerversary

    Today, I happily paint two of my toes red, to celebrate two years of being a survivor. Some days I ask myself it has really only been 2 years because it feels like I got the diagnosis so long ago. Lots of scans and needles and chemo and radiation and....I'm still here! I woke up this morning, very cheerful, almost like I was celebrating a birthday. I realize that EVERY SINGLE DAY is a gift, whether we have lung cancer or not, but that cancer seems to make each day that much more important. While I was thinking about everything today, I was overcome with emotion. I know that I am blessed to have as much time as I've had. I think about the friends I've made in this "club" that are no longer here. For those friends, and for the rest of us, we continue to choose life.