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  1. Lobectomy,nerve pain

    HI MJ and welcome here, I''m also sorry to hear about your nerve pain. I had a lobectomy a year ago and fortunately have had little pain after they took the chest drain out and no pain now. So I don't have any experience that could help. Steff's advice sounds good to me. All the best to you, Bridget O
  2. New diagnosis

    Hi Barb and welcome. I'm glad you found us. This is a good place to get information and support. Let us know what you need. Bridget O
  3. EGFR mutation exon 19

    te I think the "pearls" that Steff referred to are benzonate. A brand name is Tessalon Perles. It is a cough supressant that isn't an opiate. It worked pretty well for me when I had brocnchitis not long after my lobectomy. I did have uncontolled coughing till I felt like I was going to throw up but never did and certainly never passed out. Kenn, I hope your friend's medical team can find some solution for his cough. Bridget O