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  1. BridgetO

    Are you a concert goer?

    Wow, LexiCat, how did you manage to get tickets to all of those? One thing I really regret is never seeing Tom Petty. I also didn't say that I enjoy classical music too. I have season tickets to the Oregon Symphony, which has in recent years become very good. Bridget O
  2. BridgetO

    Are you a concert goer?

    It's hard to get tickets when big name performers come to the big venue in Portland. Stuff sells out immediately and a lot of it goes to "resellers", AKA scalpers, who charge exhorbitant prices. Sometimes I've gone to concerts of not-quite-as-big-name, or formerly big-name performers at slighly smaller venues. Most recently, I saw k d lang who reprised her "Ingenue" album on it's 25th anniversary. She was great! I got a ticket to see Donald Fagan (of Steely Dan, one of my favorite of vintage bands) but the concert was cancelled, because it was right after Walter Becker (the other half of Steely Dan) died. A few years ago I went to see Leon Russell here. In the 70's I was a BIG, really BIG, Leon Russell fan. I had seen him live about 1970 and was really impressed by his energy and charisma as well as his singing and songwriting. The concert I went to here was a bit of a disappointment. His voice was faded and his energy was gone. Oh, well, what should I have expected-- he was over 70. I'm glad I did get to see him again before he died in 2016. A pleasant surprise, though, was the opening act for that concert, Commander Cody (George Frayne) formerly of Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen. This was a band I used to see at local shows when I lived in Berkeley in the late 60s and early 70s. Never the same quality as Leon, though, and I wasn't a really BIG fan. At the Portland concert Commander Cody (also around 70) had the same kind of energy and voice he always had! Some of us old folks hold up pretty well!
  3. BridgetO

    Post-chemo side effects

    Interesting article, Tomm. Looks like CBD works on mice. I wonder if any studies have been done on people. I wonder what the appropriate dose would be. If I ever have to have taxol/taxoterre again, I' m going to consult with my naturopath about using CBD. From all reports, it sounds like CBD is a pretty benign drug. I had taxoterre (close relative of taxol) as part of my treatment for a non-lung cancer. I was fearful of taxol because my mother became physically disabled by motor neuopathy from taxol, to the extent that she could no longer walk, nor even support her own weight for transfers to/from a wheelchair. Motor neuropathy is a less common form of neuropathy that doesn't cause pain, but does cause loss of motor function. I read that there was some evidence that the propensity to have neuropathy from taxanes could be inherited. So when taxol was recommended for me, I was hesitant and the oncologist suggested taxoterre instead, since the action is similar and it's somewhat less likely to cause neuropathy. Still, after the first infusion I began having neuropathy in my feet. Fortunately, I only needed 3 rounds The neuropathy was unpleasant but tolerable. It was all the typical kind, not motor. I don't know whether I would have been able to tolerate many more rounds. So I'm storing up info on taxanes and neuropathy, just in case. I'm hopeful that I won't need chemo again. I'm NED on that cancer, 7 years out, as well as on breast cancer and my most recent cancer, lung. Both the breast and lung cancers were stage 1 and didn't need chemo.
  4. I agree with LexiCat that it's worth getting an opinion from a surgeon who does VATS. If you can have that, it generally has a shorter recovery time. Bridget O