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  1. Hi Kathy, I had a stage 1A lung adenocacinoma. I had a lobectomy and no furtther treatment was recommended. However, I previously had a stage 3, rare type of cervical cancer with a "dismal prognosis" (whatever that means). For that one I had concurrent chemo and radiation and then, based on a second opinion, some additional chemo. None of it was pleasant. I had side effects, including some that are permanent. I don't regret my treatment decisions, though, because today, more than 6 years later, I'm ALIVE (yay!) and no evidence of disase (double yay!). Chemo is indeed scary. it's essentially a poison intented to kill off the cancer without killing us. In my case it worked, and I'm grateful. My quality of life if good today, I'm still able to travel (one of my great joys), I walk a lot and I feel well. (BTW, I'm 72) As to alternative medicine, I'm a believer in it as an adjunct to conventional treatment, not as a substitute. During and for a time after my treatments, I had frequent acupuncture , which seemed to me to help with side effects. I also took some supplements and made some dietary changes on the advice of a naturopath. Don't know if it helped with the cancer, but in any event I'm in much better physical shape than I was pre-cancer. We each have to make our own treatment decisions. In my case, It's been to throw everything at the cancer. I wish there was something gentler that worked, but I don't think there is. Keep us posted. Bridget O
  2. How long for scans?

    Hi DC, Before I read Tom's response, I thought you meant that you hadn't got your scan results yet. If that's the case, call your doctor's office. Hang in there! Bridget O
  3. New to Cancer

    Hi Holly, I like your hair loss plan! By all means, try the long earrings with the turbans. I'm 72 and retired. I found it interesting to be bald. If we were younger, we could think of it as a fashion statement. Bridget
  4. xrays

    Hi bes, I'm glad to hear you finally got some information and that your husband has a treatment plan. Hang in there! Let us know what we can do to support you. Bridget O