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  1. David Ramsey Metastatic Lung Cancer

    Hi, David, I'm fortunate enough to have had a very early cancer that was hopefully "cured" by surgery. One of the things that went through my own mind, though, before I knew exactly what I was dealing with, was Steve Jobs, whose cancer might well have been cured or successfully treated so as to greatly extend his life, had he not rejected conventional medicine in favor of "natural" treatments. IOW, he wasn't supplementing, he was supplanting his doctors' recommendations. I agree with Bridget--improving one's overall health can only help the situation, and maybe make you more comfortable and the treatments more bearable. I sure wouldn't turn my back on the amazingly successful new medical treatments available now. And because some supplements can actually interfere with medication, I would make sure my oncologist knows about everything I'm taking. My two cents. Hang in there, it's still early days and you may be one of those people who responds beautifully to treatment.