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    Great news! I hope the biopsy is negative, but if it's positive you've caught it early and any surgery should be uncomplicated with a quick recovery. And I'm glad they are planning to keep an eye on it going forward if it's negative. Enjoy the weekend!
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    Oh, and just a reminder--talk to your doc about participating in lung cancer screenings. We remain at risk even after quitting smoking, and I'm convinced that the screening (which detected the nodule to begin with and showed it had grown and was suspicious for cancer) saved my life. Most people don't get symptoms of lung cancer till it's well advanced.
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    So HAPPY for you!! I sometimes wonder about reminding new people that things might not be as grim as they think--and that, in some cases, it might even turn out to be completely benign. But cases like yours remind me that it's not just throwing around false hope. And for us (former) smokers, getting a good scare is sometimes what we need. I quit smoking a year before my diagnosis--as soon as they spotted my nodules I decided this was a bit too real for my taste. And by quitting when I did, I have no doubt that I was in much better shape for the surgery I needed after the one nodule grew. You made my day!