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  1. Robert Macaulay

    Cisplatin/Alimta Experiences?

    Never had that combo but had Cisplatin combo. You will know within fifteen minutes if you can handle the initial infusion and any problems or concerns and they will stop. Drink lots and lots of water prior to all your infusions that is a must.The side effects if any for each individual is different will usually start around forty eight hours after you completed l your infusions and is pretty accurate for everybody. If you complete your initial one and your blood work is good after that your good to go number 2 and so on. I found the first six piece cake of the eight total but the last two full dose forty eight hours on schedule the fatique set in not much fun but all part of the process of all Chemo Everybody has different side effects and they will cancel till the person feels better if they are real bad. Bob
  2. Robert Macaulay

    Father, 59, going through NSCLC diagnosis.

    I am of the opinion that chemotherapy enhances any previous minor medical problems you had previous it dId with me on couple things. Bob