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  1. New to this group

    Hello Nan. My husband was a Vietnam Vet. He was in the Navy --- so not on shore. He did get cancer. Perhaps tied to the ship building he was involve in . They were aboard with lots of aspestos exposure in the shipyard. He was part of the first crew aboard 2 ships being built, The commissioning crew for the USS Jesse L. Brown and the USS Virginia. His cancer spread fast. Keep us posted on how your husband is doing. I know this is a very stressful time. Is he seeing an Oncologist ? I don't know what kind of diet you are following. They say sugar helps cancer grow faster. To heal at all I wound think you would need a healthy diet with protein and vegetables and fruit. Keep us posted. Donna G
  2. New diagnosis

    Hi Barb and welcome. How did they find your Cancer ? You say you are just starting this journey. Did they do any other tests. What king of chemo are you taking? Please don't hesitate to share how you are doing and feel free to ask questions. I hope you respond well to the chemo. Keep us posted. Donna G