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    Okay my friends, this is a CALL for ALL LUNG CANCER SURVIVORS to PLEASE COME OUT COME OUT WHERE EVER YOU ARE!! I know we have more Lung Cancer Survivors on this board then just the few of us who post all the time. I think it would be so wonderful to see more lung cancer survivors here so we can offer strength and hope to all the NEW SURVIVORS that will sadly have to join us one day. How many of you sit here and gain strength from reading other lung cancer survivor posts? I know I do! I don't know what to say to bring more Lung Cancer Survivors to the surface, but I know we need each other and we need to share with others that there are a LOT MORE SURVIVORS in this world then just a hand full of us. Please click onto the Reply button and say hello and share a little about your journey with us. THANK YOU ALL. Warm and Gentle Hugs, Connie