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Anyone interested in an ATLANTA, GA area caregiver/family grief support group?

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Hi everyone,

I'm Jessica Meeks and, in December 2012, my mother died due to lung cancer. I've recently (about a year and a half ago) started volunteering for LUNGevity and am interested to know if anyone in the Atlanta, GA area would like to form a support group for caregivers and family members, particularly those who have lost someone to lung cancer. If anyone is interested, please let me know as I would love to get a group together to help us all get through some rough times!

Thanks for reading!

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HI Jessica!

Are you interested in a grief group or can caregivers who are actively caring for someone with lung cancer be a part of it as well?

Once I hear from you I will post this in our caregivers group on FB as well.

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Hi Katie,

I think I would say no to current caregivers only because some of the topics may center around losing someone. Although, I suppose discussing the potential as well as the reality wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. You have more experience here than I do. What are your thoughts?


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