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We understand exactly what you are going through. 

I'm not a doctor but from your description, your dad's cancer will likely stage at IV. But there are two subtypes of NSCLC: adenocarcinoma and Squamous cell. This subtype information is important because treatments are different. Perhaps his oncologist will report which subtype he has because this information results from the biopsy.

Your dad may receive radiation and chemotherapy or perhaps just chemotherapy. But, there have been many advances in treatment with new targeted therapy and immunotherapy that are showing remarkable results. 

My tip is to ensure someone accompanies your dad to his oncology consult to ensure understanding of his diagnosis and treatment plan. Read Lung Cancer 101 at Lungevity.org. That should give you a good understanding about our disease. 

Waiting is indeed hard. I've been waiting for answers for 13 years and we have a special name for it - scanziety!  You'll have many questions about his treatment and side effects and this is a good place to ask your questions. 

Stay the course. 


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Hello Dawn,

Tom's answer is spot on, and yes, we've all "been there". The waiting is almost worse than the cancer. Try and find some ways to take your mind off the waiting and enjoy some quality time with your dad.

Read, listen to music, try some puzzle books or take up a new hobby. Something to get your mind fixated on something other than the waiting.

I hope your dad fares well in his treatments, and you find some peace of mind.


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Hi, Dawn,

Welcome to LCSC. Tom already shared a great resource, Lung Cancer 101. Please let us know if you need information about a particular topic. This is a great place to ask questions and get answers from people who are also navigating a lc diagnosis. We also have mentorship programs for patients/survivors and for caregivers if you'd like to connect with someone on a personal level. I hope your dad's appointment on Monday gave you some answers. Please post an update when you can.

We are here for you!

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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