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Post-surgery pathology not complete but lymph nodes are CLEAR!!!

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My doctor called this morning with the awesome news that the lymph nodes are all CLEAR of cancer!!  They are still awaiting the full pathology report as to the type of cancer, but the other observations he had at this point were: the tumor had grown to 2 cm since the PET scan, which means it's good we got it when we did, and that it's a good thing the lobectomy was done, as the wedge resection performed during surgery actually transected the tumor, which means it all would not have been removed.

He sounded VERY happy.  Could not say why the exam of the tumor was taking so long, but he talked with the pathologists and was able to get what he considered to be the most critical info.  I have an appointment with him tomorrow, as well as a chest x-ray and chest tube removal, so presumably I'll find out more details about future scans to keep an eye on things.  

But for right now, I am one happy camper!


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Thanks for the update.  So glad to hear that they found clean lymph nodes.  Wonderful news!

Hopefully you will know what type of lung cancer it is soon.


Donna G

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