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Starting Keytruda and Radiation Treatment

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My lymph node in my neck came back positive for adenocarcinoma. Cells were 100% sensitive PD-L1 so they are starting me on Keytruda this week. The radiation oncologist recommended 30 rounds of radiation to the lymph node.

My last PET/CT shower NED in the area of the initial lesion which was treated with cisplatin/ pemetrexed and 35 rounds of radiation.

Wondering if anyone has gone through the keytruda radiation combo and please enlighten me what I may expect.

Reaching out to All


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Keytruda and Radiation work very well together.  I had 10 courses of radiation on my lymph node (it had spread there) and

it's just about gone.  I'm having some more in the next two weeks to shrink one of my larger tumors.  

Good luck.  I think you'll be satisfied with the results.



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ok i had 5 radiation treatments and 1 keytruda go friday the 11-24-2017 for next one and had no side effects as of yet hoping it works to give me more time (stage5) death cell count was 100 which the say the higher the number the better the results hopefully it works for us all praying hard it does,i get my ct scan 11-29-2017 to see if it helping (crossing fingers) my god hold yall close and confort your worries...Marven

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