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On 10/27/2017 at 5:37 PM, Igotjoy said:

Hi Angela,

I have been on Afatanib since April 2017. I am 37. And was an active runner.At diagnosis I had over 10 nodules in both lungs and positive chest lympnodes, and a pleural effusion. I had to have a pleurodesis for pain control and to help with breathing. The 1st week I started the Afatanib I could tell I was breathing better. After 28 days I had another PEt scan and all the hot spots were gone except 1 place on the right lung plus the lining of my lung. My doctor told me this could be scar tissue from surgery or still cancer. However, my scan from last month showed no new nodules. Praise the LORD. Since starting Afatanib I have went from thinking and feeling like I was about to die, living life again. The side effects are tolerable. Most people are shocked to know I have stage 4 lung cancer when they see me. The 1st 2 months were difficult due to the skin rash. Now, I deal with dry skin, hair thinning, and the big D, but it is all manageable. It beats not being able to breath. I have also been off all pain meds since June. I plan on walking a local 5 k this weekend with my family and friends. I hope this can give you some hope for your mom. Also, my copay was going to be $200/month, but they were able to complete something with the drug company so that I only pay $25/ month. Cost for this drug is around $8000/month.


Thanks for sharing.  Grateful to hear your doing so well.

Beth 506

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