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Carboplatin and Alimta followed by Carboplatin/Abraxane/Avastin

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Hi Everyone!

I had a pretty treatment specific question. 

My Mom's first line of treatment was Carboplatin and Alimta which she handled VERY well and had a great response to as a chemotherapy drug. 

As her cancer has recently returned, she's just started her second line treatment which is Carboplatin/Abraxane/Avastin.  She only received the Carboplatin and Abraxane during her treatment yesterday as they found some blood in her urine so they didn't want to deliver the Avastin without first culturing that to see what was going on. 

Does anyone have an experience with this course of treatment (specifically this combination of drugs in 1st and 2nd line treatments)? I'm just curious what she can expect from the Carboplatin/Abraxane combo versus what she experienced with the Carboplatin and Alimta. 

I know each case and each person is different in terms of how they respond to chemo and what their side effects are (even on the same drug course) and I'm familiar with the side effects that are listed in general from each of these drugs just looking to see if someone here had different experiences with both forms of treatment.

I know its pretty specific so I'm not sure that this makes sense, but trying to get a gauge for her from others who have experienced them. 

 Thanks in advance,


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Hi Maigan, 

I also started with Carboplatin and Alimta and did very well initially. I was then switched to Alimta alone and that worked for awhile. Now I may be trying immunotherapy.

I am not that familiar with Abraxane or Avastin so can’t help you there. It sounds like you are quite informed about your mother’s treatment which is wonderful. Keep open communication with your mother’s doctor and team which it sounds like you do. Good luck.


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Hi @Dyan721 - thanks for the reply.  Mom did very well on the Carboplatin and Alimta combo.  She experienced peripheral neuropathy but by in large not a lot of issues. She's having a very hard time on the Carboplatin/Abraxane (she didn't get Avastin this first treatment since there was a culture they need to do to verify before they could administer). She's been very tired, running a fever, weak and not feeling well in general.  Her onc. has put her on an antibiotic and she was sent for blood work and a chest x-ray last night for which we're awaiting the results today.  We're not sure if its a result of the chemo or if she has a pre-existing infection that was just amplified by the chemo.  Hopefully, her other treatments on this course will be much more tolerable. 

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