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1st visit with the Oncologist

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The appointment went great and I was really relieved to finally get in to see the doctor. I was lucky they had someone cancel and opened up a spot 2 weeks early. 

The doctor graded my cancer T3, N2, M0 and possible 3a or 3b.  The PET showed the big tumor with a small one right behind it and two lymph nodes. It's upper left lobe and the lymph nodes look like they are the ones next to the bronchus. I love that he drew it out on the white board and explained it step by step. My husband is really good at grasping verbal but I'm more visual. 
The plans:

An appointment with a surgeon on Monday to get his opinion and thoughts on surgery.

A bone scan or will be once insurance is verified.

Biomarker test done on my biopsy. (I think that is what he called the lab test) I think what he said was to figure out what drugs to use for Chemo. I may be wrong.

They did blood work at the office and he gave me a possible plan depending on the surgeon.  He's thinking chemo than surgery but its possible no surgery at all. I'm just glad he didn't say surgery was totally out. 

Oh and he doesn't feel like the shoulder and arm is related to the cancer.  My cardiologist doesn't feel like its my heart so I guess it's live with it or go to my ortho doc. 

Thanks for listening

Take Care




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