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I was in remission until dec 2017 got diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer with Mets to the bones, liver and mediastinum lymph nodes. I have absolutely no symptoms other then the cough in the winter when I had a broken rib. (Gone now) I received 4 rounds of carboplatin, Pemetrexed and avastin. Scans showed tumors shrinking and now on Pemetrexed and avastin plus Zometa for bonestrenght every 21 days.Asked my oncologist for how long and she said indefinitely. I still feel very well and the side effects are not to bad. Are there other patients out there with the same treatments and how are you coping with that? I have a very hard time some days especially about the unknown and since Iam not sick or feel sick. 

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Welcome here.

My only symptoms of my lung cancer were a cough.  An x-ray for broken ribs about 60 days before my diagnosis did not show any signs of cancer so my diagnosis was a surprise.  Many here have a similar diagnostic story.

My chemotherapy was Taxol and Carboplatin.  I note your Carboplatin, Pemetrexed, and Avastin is a new standard for non squamous cell non small lung cancer and am very happy to learn it is having an effect on your cancer.  Although I did not have the same chemotherapy as you, my oncologist once said he would treat my lung cancer indefinitely (or as a chronic condition) as long as I kept showing a response to the drugs.  Fortunately, I had a positive but not a lasting response.

How does one cope with treatment?  That is a very good question.  For me, the inserting the IV was the most unpleasant part.  Waiting for scan results was also not pleasant (an understatement).  I note you report few side effects and that is a good thing.  Unfortunately, in my treatment, chemo produced a number of troubling side effects.  I had an infusion cycle every three weeks and had about 5 bad side effect days in between infusions.  

Hopefully someone will chime in with their experience on your chemo recipe.  In the mean time, if you have questions, fire away.

Stay the course.



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