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Went to a FANTASTIC show last night at Philly's Festival Pier: Arcade Fire.  I've always liked their music but had never seen them live.  One of the most thrilling shows I've ever seen!  They are mesmerizing to watch, and the music and energy of the show was amazing.  Hamilton Leithauser opened for them, and enjoyed him, too.  

It was my first time to the Festival Pier (outdoor venue on the Delaware waterfront--Penn's Landing--in Philadelphia).  

Tomorrow night: Pixies and Weezer.  I've seen Pixies numerous times--they are one of my favorite bands.  Weezer I know only from a handful of songs on the radio.  

And a couple weeks ago I saw Foo Fighters for the third time--always a good (and LONG) show--they played almost three hours!

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