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Doc implying chemo and radiation can't be done at the same time

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Okay super confused. After being diagnosed yesterday (stage iv but just lung and lymph right now) and given a treatment plan of carbo+alimta+keytruda every 3 weeks starting next week, we reached out to the doc today just to let him know that we are interested in talking to a radiation oncologist as well about targeted radiation / CyberKnife as well.

It looks like radiation plus chemo is a pretty common combination. So we were really surprised when the email reply today read in part as follows: "For now, we would not want to do radiation because it would be targeted and delay chemo-immune therapy that goes everywhere in the body. So chemo-immune therapy is the priority. "

Any of you veterans out there got any ideas on why radiation would delay chemo/immune?

With gratitude, 


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 My thought is they want to go full strength with the chemo and when I had radiation and chemo combo it was a reduced dose of chemo as not to interfere wiith radiation side effects and the full dose of chemo is not for the faint of heart I just  had two after six reduced doses with radiation no comparison.


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Conventional Radiation is often given as a primary treatment with conventional chemo in an adjuvant role. 

Immunotherapy complicates things. I don’t think you should interrupt his current treatment but think you ought to reach out to a radiation oncologist and understand how they could play a role. 

I hope I’m not confusing you. 

Stay the course. 


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I agree with To,. Consulting with a radiation oncologist (or getting a second opinion from another doc) doesn't mean you're going to stop current treatment and change horses in midstream. 

Bridget O

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