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This blog is an aggregation of credible lung cancer news and useful information to help anyone impacted by lung cancer.

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A Simpler Way to Sample: Liquid Biopsies in Lung Cancer

Liquid biopsies are easier on patients, yield faster results and cost less than tissue biopsies, but these blood draws don’t yet replace traditional tests. https://www.curetoday.com/publications/cure/2020/lung-1-2020/a-simpler-way-to-sample-liquid-biopsies-in-lung-cancer BY MEERI KIM, PH.D. PUBLISHED APRIL 20, 2020 During winter 2013, Larry Gershon had a bad cold that he couldn’t shake. The then 65-year-old print broker took cold medicine and steroids to fight off the symptom

AI can categorize lung nodules' cancer risk, study suggests

AI can categorize lung nodules' cancer risk, study suggests Katie Adams A new artificial intelligence algorithm can accurately assess the risk of cancer associated with indeterminate pulmonary nodules in patients' lungs, according to a study published in American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. Traditionally, physicians use CT scans to assess lung nodules, which can lead to earlier cancer diagnoses. However, this approach can also lead to overtreatment if nodule

Surviving Coronavirus as a Lung Cancer Survivor

With everyone on edge during the coronavirus pandemic, I wanted to share this story of a lung cancer survivor who has fully recovered from the virus.     Man who lost lung battling cancer survives coronavirus decade later https://bit.ly/39LM8Br BEAVER COUNTY, Pa. — A Pennsylvania man who lost a lung to cancer about a decade ago has survived another health battle -- this time, with the coronavirus. It started as what he assumed was just a cold, but when Richard Botti, 61,

How the New Coronavirus May Affect Lung Cancer Treatment

https://www.cancerhealth.com/article/new-coronavirus-may-affect-lung-cancer-treatment-1 Given recent findings that cancer patients may be at higher risk of contracting the new coronavirus if they visit medical centers, the Lung Cancer Foundation of America (LCFA) has issued a work-in-progress advisory for lung cancer patients and their doctors on how to navigate cancer treatment during the pandemic. The guidance is specific to people with non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), which accou

Melanoma Immunotherapy Offers Hope for Lung Cancer

By Kim Polacek, APR, CPRC - April 27, 2020   An immunotherapy that has demonstrated durable responses in patients with melanoma is now showing promise for those with non-small cell lung cancer. Tumor infiltrating lymphocyte therapy, or “TIL,” uses a patient’s own live immune cells to fight cancer. Surgeons remove a patient’s tumor and, in the lab, dissect and culture the T cells inside. These cells, which were able to detect and invade the tumor, are then multiplied by the billions — a

Revolution Medicines Doses First Patient in Study of SHP2 Inhibitor With Amgen's KRAS Inhibitor

Original article post on Jun 09, 2020 on Precision Oncology News NEW YORK – Revolution Medicines announced today that it has dosed the first patient in a Phase Ib clinical trial evaluating its investigational SHP2 inhibitor, RMC-4630, in combination with Amgen's KRAS G12C inhibitor AMG510. The open-label, dose escalation and expansion study, sponsored and conducted by Amgen, is evaluating the combination in patients with advanced solid tumors characterized by KRAS G12C mutations. Revol
Triathlete with Stage 4 lung cancer completes cross-country trek

Triathlete with Stage 4 lung cancer completes cross-country trek

https://communitynews.org/2020/06/25/lawrence-triathlete-with-stage-4-lung-cancer-completes-cross-country-trek/ By Nicole Viviano June 25, 2020 Biking across the United States is a memorable feat for anyone. One endurance athlete from Lawrenceville managed to complete the Southern Tier bike route while facing down an even greater obstacle: Stage 4 lung cancer. Isabella de la Houssaye, 56, has lived an active lifestyle, from mountain climbing to Ironman triathlons. Her love of

Adjuvant Osimertinib On Way to Becoming New Standard in EGFR-Mutant NSCLC

https://www.onclive.com/view/adjuvant-osimertinib-on-way-to-becoming-new-standard-in-egfr-mutant-nsclc Roy S. Herbst MD, PhD, discusses the ADAURA trial and the impressive data seen with adjuvant osimertinib and highlights ongoing research efforts being made with the agent in lung cancer. JUNE 16, 2020 The significant and clinically meaningful improvement in disease-free survival (DFS) demonstrated with adjuvant osimertinib (Tagrisso) in patients with EGFR-mutated, stage I, II, an
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