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Lisa Zarov is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with nearly two decades of experience, counseling adults, children and families. Her experience ranges from counseling those with diagnoses such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD  to complex personality challenges and addiction.  She has helped her clients navigate a multitude of issues such as relationship difficulties, work-family balance, chronic illness and life transitions.   She currently shares an empty nest with her husband and their two dogs In her downtime, she loves to play guitar, read, cook and text her two adult children funny memes.   She is an almost 5-year lung cancer survivor. 


Entries in this blog


Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have provided many valuable tools to lung cancer survivors. They provide arenas for us to connect and communicate with other survivors, share our stories with a wider audience, and advocate on a grand scale. And they connect us to life-saving information about our specific lung cancers, research, clinical trials, and experts in the field. During the pandemic, social media became especially important. Many were experiencing increases in anxiet

Lisa Zarov

Lisa Zarov in Mental Wellness


Being part of the lung cancer community for almost 5 years now, I am often in awe of the fiercely close, supportive and loving connections that are made between its members. We learn together, advocate together, and celebrate life together. And, when someone in our community dies – which unfortunately happens often – we mourn together. For many, it is a deep grief we feel – for the person we lose, their loved ones, and ourselves. Yet during the COVID-19 pandemic, many survivors have had add

Lung Cancer and Worry

After a Lung Cancer diagnosis, it is normal and expected for even habitually calm people to worry about their futures. But what happens when those worries begin to “take over”, interfering with your ability to enjoy your life? Most of us are familiar with the quote by Barbara Cameron, “Worry about tomorrow steals the joy from today”. However, as cancer patients, our relationships with worry are usually more complicated than that.     Worry, like any uncomfortable feeling, is often a signal t
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