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Tom Galli


Today we pause to celebrate new life, life continued, and hope renewed.  For me this is a holy season but it has a much broader meaning, especially for those struggling with lung cancer. Christmas Day is a celebration of new life and a continuation of life. The new life is Christ while continuation is everyone alive.  Including especially, those who live with lung cancer. We have at first glance an insurmountable challenge: to live with a disease that consumes our body with cells made of our body.  Indeed, our disease is a paradoxical phenomena.  Yet, we live. We rise above the biological paradox, thus our celebration of life continued.

The hope of the season is reflected in many ways. On earth's scale, each day length changes as we orbit towards spring. Thus hope is realized as we progress in day length and temperature change. On the lung cancer scale, we hope for good treatment outcomes and new treatment methods. Fortunately, outcomes are improving, sometimes dramatically as are methods. But the progression of seasonal change is neither smooth nor completely predictable. There will be uncertain days ahead.  Similarly, as lung cancer survivors we will face disappointment and perhaps reversals.  But like the season, treatment is a progression: a change over time.  And the renewal of hope for survivors is the belief that progression toward success will continue.

My wish for all lung cancer survivors is the gift of life continued.

Stay the course.



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Thank you, Tom, and Merry Christmas!! We had missed you on here recently. Thankful today that Jesus came and that He has given me the strength to again cook Christmas dinner for my family. A blessing. 

Judy M. 

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