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4 years!

Susan Cornett


Today marks 4 years of survival! By most standards, my path hasn't been as difficult as others. There have definitely been highs - when my hair grew back, my lashes grew in longer  - and lows - two recurrences and a secondary cancer diagnosis. But as I say often - I'M STILL HERE! I tell my story to anyone who will listen. People need to know that lung cancer doesn't have to be an automatic death sentence. Does it suck? Yes. Will it change your life? Definitely. But you move forward, one step at a time. Forward is forward ,no matter the speed.

I am looking forward to the Breathe Deep Denton event in April. I enjoy visiting with the other survivors and bringing attention to this cause. I've also been asked to speak at a function in March so I'll be sharing my story again. The more the public understands lung cancer and all of its causes, the better our funding will be for research. 

Most importantly, though, is this: I stumbled across this site one night when I was looking for answers. I have met wonderful friends - in person and online - here. Those friends have made this journey easier. Thank you, all. 


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Congratulations Susan!

Four years is a wonderful milestone and next year, you might move to semiannual scans! 

Thank you for being an advocate for lung cancer awareness and for your support of those who join our forum seeking guidance and answers. Research is vital to improving outcomes but your work on our forum is equally vital in making the case that hope is still a good thing.

Stay the course.


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Even though I was just diagnosed with lung cancer and treatment won't begin for another couple of weeks, I have read enough to know that 4 years is definitely a milestone, so I join the others in saying, "Congratulations!"  As a totally irrelevant side note, I live in DC now, but lived in Lewisville, Tx for 12 years. Miss it, too. Anyway, may God bless you with another 4. And then another.........

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