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I was diagnosed with SCLC January 2009 and as of today, 10/6/15, there is nothing in my lung except a scar from radiation. No sign of cancer. I beat the odds. I had 5 rounds of Chemo and started chest radiation after the second round. I started PCI 2 weeks after the final chest radiation. My radiologist gave me a lower dosage for the PCI and an additional 2 treatments because I also have MS and PCI causes demyelination.

I am cold all the time. I used to be hot. I don't sleep well. I am scared that it will return somewhere else in my body.

You may have heard the saying “I have cancer but it doesn't have me!” I say B--S---! You never get over the scare. I am a 67 year old female. There is hope!

I am: a lung cancer survivor


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