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Eighteen Years but No Toes

Tom Galli


Today, I celebrate 18 years of life after diagnosis with lung cancer. Normally, I'd paint my toes and post. Of course after 10 years, I had to invite more feet to the photo-celebration. But, on this day, indeed, in this week my hometown is ice-bound and my planning skills have waned because my celebratory bottle of Lungevity blue nail paint is exhausted. So, no photo this year.

There are so many lessons I've learned during my diagnostic, treatment and survival journey. Two among them bear mention: The objective of treatment is life; do something you enjoy with the extension. And, if I can live, so can you. Indeed...

Stay the course.



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CONGRATULATIONS!!!  This is indeed a great thing to celebrate!

You service to our country, battle with cancer is inspiring for so many of us who came here for help.  But, what continues to amaze me even more than your Army years or even your difficult treatment is how many others you are helping out each and every day.  The first thing I give to almost all newcomers is your "10 Steps..." and I often after reading your responses to complex questions I wonder, "where the hell did he learn all this?!".  Then I realize you've fortified your personal experience with an acquisition of a lot of knowledge so that you could help people today to navigate their journey through this disease.

You have my deep respect and you're a great role-model for the rest of us.  Thank you for all the time, effort and caring you've put into this support effort.  No doubt you've saved lives and reduced grief and pain for many.

Congratulations again on your 18th Anniversary of Life.


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Congratulations on such a wonderful milestone!  18 years as a Stage IV Lung Cancer Survivor is fantastic!  Something we all HOPE and want for all!  May you have many more years and hope you are safe and warm.   Snow and Freezing Rain here too and after last week's blizzard I'm sick of winter!!  


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