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Tom Galli


I had an interesting chat with my general practitioner over the Fourth of July holiday.  He’s a gentleman rancher with an abundance of tomatoes so I brokered an invite to his beautiful ranch to relieve him of his abundance.

A social cup of coffee segued into a wide ranging conversation about medicine, ranching, politics, engineering and cancer treatment.  Doc has lots of opinions but they are founded on deep study and comparative analysis.  But, unlike most intelligent people, he rarely uses technospeak but rather explains complex topics in easily understood words and concepts. Thus fostering interesting conversation. The topic turned to patients seeking second opinions and physician egos.  His words are worth capturing: “I don’t mind a patient seeking a second opinion…I get paid.”

Doctors are important people in our society. Our adulation of their skills causes us to forget that in a pay for service system, customers have a right to express dissatisfaction and seek alternative practitioners.  If you don’t like the medical service you pay for, find someone who provides better service.

Stay the course.

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Yes,  I just got a 2nd opinion and the 2nd opinion doctor  team did more testing than my original onc.   For one thing he did the testing with Caris for bio markers and  I am positive for ALK and am looking for others to connect with on this.

By the way enjoy connecting with all of you


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