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My husband, Allan, died from stage IV lung cancer in June 2009. I was feeling a need to get involved with an organization dealing specifically with lung cancer.  I researched LUNGevity, and thought it was a very worthwhile organization.

My first experience with LUNGevity was in November 2009. At the time, my daughter, Stephanie was a college student in NYC. She formed a team for LUNGevity’s Walk to Beat Lung Cancer, which later became Breathe Deep NYC.  My son and I joined Stephanie and her roommates at the walk. I was very impressed with the event and the volunteers.  We continued to walk and volunteer for the NYC event through 2013. Stephanie was on the committee for the walk during her college years.

We wanted to start a Breathe Deep NEPA event in our community. Northeastern Pennsylvania is an area with an above-average rate of lung cancer. So many lives are touched by this disease—those of the patient, the survivors, families, and friends. My major goal is to bring awareness to the community about lung cancer. The event also brings people impacted by the disease together to help raise awareness and critical funds.

The most rewarding thing about being a coordinator is the great feeling that I am helping lung cancer patients by raising funds to help others survive.  I was so devastated by not being able to help my husband.  Hope is my mantra.

I hope that our efforts will continue to fund research to find an early detection test, most important, and more therapy treatments.  Also the support LUNGevity offers to patients, families and caregivers.




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