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  2. I am thankful I found this sight, I am starting my Tagrisso today and got this info in the mail. April of 2018 i was diagnosed with stage 4 nsclc and started on Tarceva, but April 2019 the Tarcev a quit working and it started growing again. I have it in my right lung and it went to both hips. I am very optimistic about this new drug my doctor is giving me, I'm not going to lie, I am worried but I am still thankful that they are always finding something to help cancer patients! I live in Moore Oklahoma, is there anyone out there close to me? I have checked for support groups in OKC area and have never found one.
  3. Well that sucks all around! I hope they can address the port issue. Mine never worked from the beginning thus I was thrilled when it came out! Hang in there!
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  5. Just as I thought, no Imfinzi today. Finishing 4 more days of prednisone. But I get to go to the hospital tomorrow to have my port checked with dye because of the shoulder and neck issue. If it’s the port will change it then. So no eating breakfast. Waiting, waiting, waiting.
  6. Just as I thought, no Imfinzi today. Finishing 4 more days of prednisone. But I get to go to the hospital tomorrow to have my port checked with due because of the shoulder and neck issue. If it’s the port will change it then. So no eating breakfast. Waiting, waiting, waiting.
  7. Isabelle, Transatlantic to England (Southampton). Stopping at Bermuda, the Azores, Lisbon, Bilbao Spain, and Le Harve France. Can't wait to leave.... Stay the course. Tom
  8. Tom, where are you cruising? We are too, along the Rhine.
  9. Hi Tom, thank you, the First...sorry I have not write in english...I'd like know the news about the lung cancer...thanks and kiss from Italy!
  10. Ale, You asked: "Ciao a tutti, poi ci aggiornerete sulla conferenza, vero? Grazie mille"? or "Hi everyone, then you will update us on the conference, right? thanks a lot." Information should be available after the conference on Facebook and on the Lungevity Web Page. Additionally forum members may post information about their personal experience on this forum. Translated: Le informazioni dovrebbero essere disponibili dopo la conferenza su Facebook e sulla Lungevity Web Page. Inoltre i membri del forum possono pubblicare informazioni sulla loro esperienza personale su questo forum. Stay the course. Tom
  11. The First time, I say... thanks
  12. Hai guardato Lc con un semplice rx? Ciao
  13. Hi Ale, I have a family history of cancer. Two brothers died of cancer one at 53 and the other at 60. One was a smoker and I'm not certain where their cancers originated. One sister died at 59 of lung cancer (smoker). Two sisters are living 67 and 72 neither has had cancer. I am 63 and not a smoker.
  14. Ciao a tutti, poi ci aggiornerete sulla conferenza, vero? Grazie mille
  15. Hi Deb, I'm italian what is it your family Story of cancer? Are you a smoker? Thanks and kiss every One
  16. So glad I found this group. Thanks so much for your advice. Maybe the reason the surgeon said to follow up with him was because they have a multidisciplinary team that meets weekly and the oncologist is on the team so he/she would be looking at my scans. Thanks for the warm welcome...thankful to be on this forum🤗
  17. Hi, and welcome. I had the same diagnosis (Stage Ib), had an upper left lobectomy almost two years ago, and have been following with scans every six months. Assuming my scan in June is good, they will drop back to annual. Getting tired faster is par for the course at this stage, but you should notice little/no effect from the surgery within a few months at most. I loved my surgeon so much I would have loved to followup with him, and he would have done it if I'd asked, but his suggestion was that, since any recurrence would involve chemo, rather than surgery, it might make more sense to be followed by an oncologist. As Bridget says, a pulmonologist could probably do the job, too, but an oncologist is a cancer specialist. Hopefully you will never need any further treatment, but if you do, you will have already established a relationship with an oncologist you like. That right there might suggest it's worthwhile. Glad you found us--you should be back to your old self very soon. Oh, and don't discount that healthy lifestyle--that alone doesn't prevent cancer (as you've learned) but it definitely helps with recovery--and having a healthy life afterward.
  18. It is very true that there is a GREAT DEAL of money that is being made off the suffering of others. With that in mind, if I would find incontrovertible proof that a cure for cancer had indeed been found,I - unhappily - would not be at all surprised that it had been hidden. - especially given this country’s obsession with money, particularly in the last, almost 40 years! There is also the added reality of overpopulation...being unable to feed the people we already do have. I do doubt, with those 2 factors especially in mind, that there will EVER be a cure for cancer...not because the knowledge isn’t there but because there will always be too many hungry people and never enough moneyMfor some people or companies.
  19. Thank you @Tom Galli! I told my mom this and she feels a lot better about having the procedure! The oncologist has already put the order in for it, and I plan to call tomorrow to follow up on it. Hopefully she will have it done tomorrow!
  20. HI Deb and welcome. I also had an early stage lung cancer (1a) and needed only surgery. That was 2-1/2 years ago and I'm doing well today. I've had CTs every 6th months but now am going to annually. Rest when you need to! A month is pretty fast to be back to work. Any surgery takes a lot out of you and being tired for a while is pretty normal. An alternative to an oncologist would be a pulmonologist. Mine was really able to tell a lot from my CTs. BridgetO
  21. Hi @Deb W. I had an upper right lobe lobectomy two months ago. A similar story to your. I would describe my fatigue at clinically tired after surgery. That last for about six weeks. It’s better now though I sleep about an hour more a night and morning are tougher to get up. I’ve always been a morning person, but its been tougher to get up post surgery. You’ve found a great place to connect with others.
  22. Hi Debbie, Since you just had surgery so recently, it can take awhile for you to regain strength and energy. I would add back in regular walks and/or exercise as you can. You can increase it a little bit each day. Let me know if you have any other questions. Ro
  23. Last week
  24. Hi Michelle, Thanks for your message. Great suggestion with regard to restorative yoga. I'm just wondering if I should wait til the pain is gone from surgery. But, maybe it's scar tissue that needs to be broken up through movement? I realize I took my strength and stamina for granted in the past. I'm still testing my energy levels - sometimes I go to far and I have to lay down. I returned to work yesterday, but I'm only working 4 hours a day. When I get home I just lay down...Debbie
  25. Hi there Deb- Welcome to your new best friends! I’m so happy you are one of the lucky early finds. We all get the fatigue. My sense is that your energy levels will increase over time. Meanwhile you might want to consider restorative yoga (helps with the breathing) and acupuncture to help restore energy. Hope this helps! Michelle
  26. Deb, Theoretically, any doctor can monitor. I would think a thoracic surgeon would be too busy and perhaps too expensive for a health insurance claim for regular monitoring. A CT scan every six months is reasonable but I would engage an oncologist. Why? They are the experts in diagnosis and treatment of cancer, a disease you have or hopefully had. Stay the course. Tom
  27. Tom: I asked my thoracic surgeon if I needed an oncologist. He said all that was needed was a CT scan every 6 months and he would keep an eye on it. Do people usually get checked more often than that? I've been spending a lot of time researching lung cancer but realize there's so much more to learn. It's only been a month since surgery, but the fatigue is starting to get to me. I have a been reading about recurrence which feels like a dark cloud and I tell myself to readjust my thinking. Sometimes it works. I'm still not thinking of myself as having cancer...maybe because when I allow myself to think about it ...it requires a change of thinking...as in present moment.
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