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  2. Susan Rae, Is a mass in the lung preferred to the pulmonary artery? Absolutely! I do hope your new combination chemotherapy reduces all tumors and prohibits metastasis. Stay the course. Tom
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  4. I agree with Michelle. I was going to list those exact things.
  5. Hi fellow Durvas. I’m back on track with #14 yesterday after my little break. Forgot how crappy this stuff made me feel. Still have the aches and pains like pleuritis but not as bad. Back to the pulmonologist on Monday. Oncologist said keep going the way it is. Me and the PA both think some of this is radiation damage to muscles and nerves-now have a numb spot under my arm that was in the line of fire. Only 12 more to go so I’m now descending the mountain. Hey a year ago come 12/7 I didn’t think I would see thanksgiving but here I am.
  6. Did you smoke?? Yikes that’s HORRIBLE!!! 2nd worst thing: Oh! My grandfather died from lung cancer! Seriously these well meaning people need to take a hike!!!!!
  7. For this edition of Weekend Wisdom, please share what you should NOT say to a lung cancer patient or caregiver.
  8. Good morning, It has been awhile since I posted an update. Initially, after my April 2019 diagnosis, Keytruda alone had been working to reduce tumor size. But, I had a PET scan last week which showed the mass on my pulmonary artery and the one in my right lung were increasing in size, the largest mass (pulmonary artery) increased approximately 2 cm in 3 months. But on a good note, no metastasis! Initially back in April 2019, the radiologist thought the largest tumor was on my right pulmonary artery. They performed a CT guided biopsy on Wednesday (11.13.19) before my chemo treatment and the radiologist, while viewing the CT scanner, told me he "thinks" this mass (originally throught to be on my pulmonary artery) is in my lung. My opinion is that this is a good thing?!?! Any thoughts/opinions about this will be appreciated. I will also ask my oncologist about this during my next visit in 3 weeks when I see him before my next treatment. They took 8 core biopsies and are sending them to 2 different labs to ensure they are giving me the best treatment for my cancer. They added Alimta and carboplatin to my Keytruda which I started on Wednesday, 11.13.2019. So far no side effects, but have my medications at hand in case they begin!!! Thanks for all of the information you all have provided on this site so I have an idea of when symptoms might start and how to cope!! Hopefully, the added chemotherapies will reduce the tumor sizes--yes, praying a lot!! Thanks for listening! Susan Rae
  9. @D iane the journal is a great idea! Sounds like you are being a great support for your husband. Please be sure that you are also caring for yourself during this time. It’s very easy to forget that. Cancer treatment is a marathon and you’ll need to be healthy to be able to continue to be a support to him. It is very easy to get swept up in the patient/caregiver roles right now. Make some time to put that aside and be husband/wife. Both will be important to help you both through this. I hope he gets good PET scan results today.
  10. Agree, and what a great idea about scheduling a trip prior to each scan! What a great idea - appreciate you passing it along.
  11. You’ll get back to travel soon enough. It’s better to get the treatments out of the way now. There are some on this site who plan trips before each CT Scan to avoid the anxiety that inevitably builds at that time.
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  13. OK. Going tomorrow for the PET scan. Chemo is set for Monday morning. He also has his brain MRI Monday afternoon. I am hopeful we will make that appt. in time and hubby should feel alright, maybe just tired which will be a good thing----he can take a nap during the test. In the hospital they gave him Ativan before his abdominal MRI. He'll do fine. I'm scared to death I'm going to do something wrong with meds and remedies to get him through chemo as side effect free as possible. My daughter and I have decided to start a journal and have him participate. He is the patient after all !! LOL This way, if he doesn't verbally communicate to either one of us what's going on, perhaps he can write it down and we can take it from there. I'm sure I'll be back.
  14. It is telling your Mom that new lung nodules (small ones) are present - meaning she had a previous scan which they have compared it to. When was her last mammogram? Clinical exam is advised. I would start there. Rule out breast cancer that could have spread to the lungs. Also having a CT of her abdomen will show any other "spots" - possibly something is going on there and may have caused the lung nodules. From what you summarized, it doesn't appear to be lung cancer. Metastatic disease means there is a primary tumor somewhere (breast, liver, prostate, etc.) that has spread to another organ in the body. For example a tumor in the breast that has spread cells to the lung isn't lung cancer, it is still breast cancer that is metastatic to the lung. Sometimes nodules in the lung are caused by infection. Has you Mom had a respiratory infection lately? I would want to rule out any active disease first, if nothing is found, then a follow up should show these nodules as being stable. Best wishes to your Mom
  15. So, I guess this is all rolling along... We met with an oncologist today who was incredibly thorough and informative, and also pointed out that my husband tested positive for RET alterations so that may be important down the road. Unfortunately, he was two hours away, but he offered to review all of my husband's future scans in case anything develops. He's also leading a trial for one of the promising RET drugs. So back to the current plan: Cisplatin and Gemzar for 4 cycles, wrapping up in early February. Still hoping to do a bit of travel over the holidays, but for now I have already cancelled what we had in place for over Christmas. This is certainly not the way we expected to spend the holidays, but it's more important to be healthy for the long-term.
  16. If you don't feel you're getting enough support from your oncologist for the side effects, try your primary physician. My primary physician helped me through 2 bouts of pneumonia as I did chemo followed by radiation.
  17. The waiting...The wondering is tough. Sending soft hugs and prayers.
  18. Thanks to two surgeries and targeted therapy for her specific kind of lung cancer, Jill Feldman is living with the disease more than a decade after being diagnosed — proof that advances in treatment have changed everything. Watch the feature here: https://www.today.com/health/what-are-signs-lung-cancer-nonsmoker-diagnosed-disease-fights-stigma-t167097?fbclid=IwAR23rvhoc2MII_qp8iPEHeK7gyvWVR1DjvAuxraiXw3F1UZ7l7ZRU56ZpOU
  19. Hi Bob, Glad to see your update on treatment plans. First off I am no Dr. I only share my experience with these drugs we get put on. My first line of treat was an aggressive mix of Cisplatin/Etoposide mix, the Cisplatin is also a cytoxix chemo drug, like Gemcitabine, it knocked the hell out of me as far as being fatigued and nauseous for the first week, I helped that by taking Zofran and eating my meals like 4 to 5 times a day, freakin pain in the butt yep, but at least it stopped the pukie feeling, and if I was tired oh well nite nite lol! My daughter says Chemo gave me narcoplepsy 🤣 There was a point when my Onc was going to switch me to Carboplatin instead of Cisplatin since it's milder, my ears were starting to be affected but I wanted to stay with my original cocktail. That has since resolved on it's own Yay! Oh, and yeah, I have hand and feet tingling which I have an ongoing debate with my Oncologist is it from Chemotherpy or the Durvalumab, which BTW I have more side effects from than the concurrent chemo/radiation go figure! I wish you the best as you move forward in your new line of treatment, for me every time I sat in my chair getting an infusion of Cisplatin, knowing how powerful it was, I let my mind put it to work for my body "Saying now seek and destroy" I know I'm a weirdo! but it got me thru, whatever gets us thru our dark places, and every radiation treatment "I sang I'm walking on Sunshine" even tho I was laying on a table lol! So as I said I wish you well, keep fighting the fight 😃
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  21. I am writing on behalf of my mom who is the glue that sticks our family together and without her, we would all be lost. My mom 58 y.o, reasonably healthy besides the asthma which has flared over the past few years. Long story short, my mom went for a CT Chest uninfused scan. report indicates: No pleural or pericardial fluid is seen. No large lymph nodes are identified. Several new pulmonary nodules are present. largest nodule measures to 5mm on the upper lobe. 4 other nodules found which measure between 2-4 mm. No aggressive osseous lesion is seen. The report at the end says: Numerous new pulmonary nodules are seen bilaterally measuring up to 5mm. The possibility of metastatic disease is raised. Clinical exam is advised. additionally CT abdomen and mammogram may be considered. anyone at all seen something similar or can break this down for me?
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  23. Hi. My husband was just diagnosed last week. We knew only 1 person with this type of cancer and he lived for 8 months from diagnosis to death. Needless to say, we are devastated. It's extensive stage. Mets on his liver, adrenal glands. Nodule on his kidney was indeterminate. Still waiting for MRI of head to be scheduled. He did have a ct of his head in July for a head injury and nothing of significance was found at that time. We're praying no brain mets. PET scan scheduled end of week. Chemo should begin next week regardless of these test results. We have radiation consult tomorrow. No clue how long the set up will take to get the concurrent treatment going. I believe the 1st line treatment will be carboplatin + etoposide + tecentriq. I was recently reading combining the 3 drugs is showing a little promise in longer survival. I hope he does well. One can only hope for the best and that he doesn't get too sick from the treatment. I don't want to be here, not sure if I'll be back----Just looking for any sort of hope and if anyone would be familiar with a clinical trail should he not respond to treatment. He said he would be open to it, but wants to go conventional route first. We are located near Philadelphia PA.
  24. Hello again, So am starting chemo next week 11/1 and I'm not sure how much rest and not sleeping at night will affect the treatments and my ability to get through the Cisplatin/Taxol 4 rounds every 3 weeks. I am really really trying to be optimistic during the day and when it comes down to night and sleeping I just am having a really difficult time. I get maybe 1-3 hours a night and think I have tried everything. Insight timer, meditation, breathing - Xanax I read a lot about many people have very bad pain and terrible side effects and still living with the effects so this is not without compassion for everyone but is everyone sleeping well? I want to be strong, thrive and live and I know this is possible from reading all the great survivors here. Im sure its anxiety at its best but is there anyone out there that also has or had a hard time with sleep and getting through the chemo? I don't see a lot from reading all of the posts that sleep is an issue before and during chemo? is it possible to get through on no sleep? Please let me know your story. Peace to all, Darla
  25. Everything in the last month seems to be happening at light speed. My husband's cancerous lung mass first was found as an incidental finding on a CT scan taking for another purpose. That was followed by a PET scan and biopsy (confirmed squamous cell lung carcinoma), MRI of the brain, bone scan, and breathing function tests. We consulted locally with an oncologist, a radiation oncologist and a thoracic surgeon. The mass is just under 5 cm. At this point they don't believe it has spread. My husband is very active and has no symptoms whatsoever although he complains of some minor discomfort since the biopsy. All of the doctors consulted and agreed that a lobectomy was the best route since the the tumor is right up against the heart in the upper left lobe. We quickly scheduled surgery but then started having second thoughts and want to be sure we've done all our homework first. We are reading about proton radiation and also considering traveling to one of the large cancer centers for a second opinion. My husband is concerned about the long recovery with surgery (he's not a good patient). I've started going through all of the information on this site and am finding it helpful, but a bit overwhelming - like everything else about this. ETA: I guess in a way we're fortunate it was found. If it had not been an incidental finding on that first CT scan, he may never have received any screening since he never smoked and there was no history in his family.
  26. 8mm nodul with spiculated more like to be cancerous? I also have 3mm nodules. Can you please help with your opinions. I have to have a pet scan. If nothing shows up, and have to have them for the next 3 years.
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