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  2. Thanks Michelle. I've been reading some of your posts on recovery. I'm not a runner or a rower but I do 4-6 miles 6 days/week and weights 4-5 days/week to try to stay in shape. My years of smoking (I quit over 15 years ago) have stolen some of my capacity (although I have pretty good capacity now) and I'm concerned about how much more I'll lose from a lobectomy, so I'll be watching how you and the others are doing for motivation. I'll also add my progress (when I make some). 😊
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  4. Nice to meet you Lou! Wishing you a speedy recovery as you prepare for surgery. Michelle
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  6. LexiCat, Darn! I was looking forward to seeing you!
  7. Stay the course Lou. Tom
  8. Great news, Steff! The diabetes should be manageable. It's important to watch the sugars like a hawk. I had gestational diabetes and had to take insulin. Thankfully it went away the minute I gave birth, but I'm at risk for Type II later in life, so still keeping an eye on my glucose levels.
  9. I was hoping to go, but it's been a pretty busy week and I'm kind of all over the place with work stuff. So right now it's looking like I'll have to pass, unfortunately. I'm sure you guys will have a great time--last year was terrific!
  10. Let me start by saying Happy Easter, Happy Passover or just Happy Day to my new friends here. I just want to let you all know how much your posts (here and in other chains) have helped to keep me focused and calmer during this time. I'm now 11 days away from my surgery (wedge and likely lobectomy) and, as you all surely know, it can be a trying time. But all the stories I've seen here have really helped. I have a Pulmonologist appointment tomorrow and pre-op testing next Tuesday. I've written out a number of questions for the appointment and what I've read here has helped me to form many of them. Once I have the surgery I'll get an update to everyone here. LouT
  11. Judiles, Welcome here and so very sorry to learn of your husband's diagnosis. Wow, 18 months of back pain, that is a lot to put up with. Oncologists come in two flavors: the medical oncologist and the radiation oncologist. Of these the medial oncologist is the generalist; they see and treat all kinds of cancer primarily with chemotherapy. The radiation oncologist specializes in radiation therapy using ionized radiation or accelerated protons. Both my medical oncologist and radiation oncologist practiced in the same clinic but there is no need for proximity to have successful treatment. Radiation oncologists tend to be colocated with hospitals because the radiation or proton generating equipment is expensive and often found in hospitals. My medical oncologist was captain of my lung cancer team. After 15 years of surviving lung cancer, he still is and I see him twice a year. I'll likely have oncology consultations for the rest of my life because lung cancer often recurs after treatment so follow-up is prudent. It sounds like your husband's doctor is using radiation as a palliative means to reduce his back pain. Ten cycles suggest he is receiving precision radiation; that is IMRT, IGRT or SBRT. I had SBRT as my last treatment and it worked. This is a good plan and there is no problem with the order of treatment. I'd rather have my pain eliminated before chemo. Here are some tips and tricks that may assist with his chemotherapy. You mentioned a biopsy. Did you receive a diagnosis, that is a type of lung cancer? It may be small cell or non small cell which is further classified as adenocarcinoma, Squamous cell or large cell. Knowing the diagnosis will allow us to help you with chemo side effects and provide the basis of our experience in treatment. Stay the course. Tom
  12. Hi, Thanks for letting me join. My husband after 18 months of back pain and difficulty walking was sent for a bone scan which showed cancer through out his spine and. then chest x=ray showed tumours in lung so stage 4 lung cancer diagnosed. I know others on here will know what the feeling of shock and devastation felt by us both. Our Dr referred us to an oncologist who is going to give radiation treatment just 10 for palliative care. But our confusion is with the Dr who did the lung biopsy as he has contacted a medical oncologist who sent an appointment and we are also to see if my husband would benefit with Chemo as well. That appointment is after the Radiation sessions are finished. All new to us can ay one enlighten me. Does one Oncologist not recommend/oversee both treatments. The Oncologist doing the radiation treatments knows nothing about the other Oncologist. ??
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  14. That was a Spirometer. I find it really helps my breathing as well. I had surgery at 4 pm and was up and walking around the hospital at 6 am the next morning.
  15. I don't think surgery is a option due to neurological issues spasmatic and twitch's and jerks Tuesday will end week 2 of therapy but felling nauseous and fatigue and only 2 weeks yuk
  16. Thanks Tom...I kinda feel after 21 years....I have something to say. It's getting better...research is getting better ! One day....I'm sure it will be gone.
  17. Welcome Karen! It is so wonderful to hear that treatment works. You are a beacon of hope in our sea of uncertainty. Stay the course. Tom
  18. Katum, I would definitely disclose the pleural effusion (fullness in left lung) symptoms to the chemo nurse before starting treatment. Let the nurse and doctor make the call on administering chem given this symptom. Stay the course. Tom
  19. wow Karen, completely agree with all you speak of. Laughter being one of the best medicines; Becoming your own and in my case, my husband's advocate. Every time, i learn something new every day. I also have been so on top of it, some on his team (surgery, oncology etc) have missed things, wrote things that were wrong, the list goes on. This new finding is troubling and not a lot of info out there that I can find. Any info you have on Pseudoaneurysm from descending thoracic aorta would be great. Thank you so much and again, Welcome to the forum!!! XX
  20. Yes...Michelle....I fought for a Medical Onc...that would listen to ME. I wanted Immune Therapy. I also got my own copies of my reports and advocated for myself. Don't get lost in the crowd. You're the best one that can take care of you.
  21. Thank-you all for welcoming me. I have to learn how to navigate this site... Moonbeam, I'm so sorry for your husbands diagnoses..but what I can tell you....is endorphins are essential. Stay as positive as you can and laugh as loud as you can, my sister, friends and I have taken complete chemo wards down in laughter xo
  22. I got up and walked arount the unit the same day as my surgery. Generally, the sooner you start walking, the better.
  23. Hi Karen- Nice to meet you! You’re the perfect example of how to live to the next breakthrough. As a Stage IV ALKie that’s pretty much my battle plan. I’d love to hear about your clinical trial experiences & how you found a med onc to support you. Are you still with the same onc or did you have to fire any along the way? Like all of us, LC was not part of the plan. So now we have to make another one. Welcome! Michelle
  24. Karen - your strength is admirable and congratulations on 21 years!!! Welcome to the forum! Husband stage 2b lung cancer pneumonectomy left lung almost 5 months ago
  25. Hi Katum- Thanks for the update! Just a word of caution on the waiting. Learning to be a patient requires patience on the mindset shift to live with this stuff. A simple phone call can make the difference between peace of mind or a visit to the ER. So often times we think we can tough it out when in reality with LC it’s better to be proactive. LC is sneaky & we must not ever let our guard down. I had an issue with fevers after my first dose & landed in the ER. The docs were very aggressive wanting to rule out a pulmonary embolism. A stat CT scan was ordered up & I had a fountain of blood draws. Turned out to be a virus 🦠. I was so glad to be “over treated”! Keep us posted! Michelle
  26. Thanks Robert, I do feel it gives us a purpose for this whole thing. Congrats on 17 years....quite a ride huh !!!
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