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  3. Charles and Barb.. my onc has not suggested or given me prednisone but I'll ask this week. He started me on levothyroxine 75 mcg. My TSH was 139 and it dropped to 113 in two weeks with this dose, I will get it tested every two weeks for awhile and assume my dose will be adjusted this thrusday. I really want to avoid prednisone if I can. Thanks for the suggestion
  4. Tomm-I forget who posted it a while back, maybe a constant low dose of prednisone will help? Low enough to stay on the Durvalumab. I think it’s 5-10mgs. Worth asking about.
  5. Tomm, Hang in there, very sorry to hear about the extreme fatigue and high tsh, I know how you feel. Has your onc suggested or given you any prednisone?
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  7. I was diagnosed stage 3a NSCLC over two years ago. I am in remission after left lower lobe removal, chemo, and radiation. Cancer found in one mediastinal lymph node. My last scan of lungs 6 weeks ago was clear. I've been having some pain in my right humerus and left side and was wondering if the cancer can spread to bone and not be present in lung anymore? My PA says unlikely but will order bone scan. Any thoughts? I tend to imagine things these days and thinking it could be arthritis or old age. Haha. I'm 67.
  8. Barb ..I'm feeling somewhat better but still dealing with TSH 113 and extreme fatigue. I can still do the grocery shopping, picking food from my garden and making all my meals and then I'm done. Happy to hear all your blood work is normal and your feeling good. DFK It sounds like your doing really well killing tumors. I agree with you that scan every 3 months should be done, it's standard where I am .. on the other hand we really don't want more radiation than necessary. Keep posting for all the watchers to see Durva is working and the year investment is worth it.
  9. I also want to add a kitchen product which is used for healing and that is "turmeric". We can use it when we have any inner wounds. We can apply from the outside and we can drink it with milk also.
  10. Tomm December-completed chemo and radiation treatments January-First Cat Scan with contrast since diagnosis, 40% decrease in tumor, no progression, Durvalumab started. April-Cat Scan without contrast done to chest for complaints of shortness of breath, diagnosis post radiation pneumonitis, Durvalumab on hold after 8 doses, tumor even smaller May-Cat Scan without contrast done to chest, pneumonitis resolved, Durvalumab restarted, #9 dose. Tumor even smaller, barely perceptible. My oncologist will not do another Cat Scan until I am done with 26 doses of Durvalumab, which will be in January (8 months from last Cat Scan). Of course, if I am symptomatic, appropriate imaging will be done. I am followed by my Pulmonologist and Cardiologist every 3 months and my Oncologist Radiologist every 6 months. This is strictly for monitoring. I am still mulling over the idea of no surveillance imaging if without symptoms. My fears nag at me to be more insistent on every 3 month surveillance imaging, but my gut tells me I am fine. I have been blessed with stable chemo and radiation treatments as well as uneventful and stable Durvalumab infusions. So as it stands now, 10 more Durvalumab infusions and no surveillance imaging, labs every two weeks prior to infusions. Will update all to any changes.....we're all doing the "countdown". With Blessings and Gratitude, DFK
  11. Tomm. All blood work good so far including TSH. How are you feeling?
  12. Barb one more mission completed. I wondered if your blood work is all good? TSH good? . A really good book from the 70s is Be Here Now by Baba Ram Dass. I know we have 17 more to go in the future but we are here today enjoying the fruits of the season DKF ..it's good to hear someone on #16 can have all blood work in the normal range. Please keep posting if anything changes and let us know how your next scan goes Unknown other Durvas ... Please share how your doing, it helps all of us in this small group
  13. Has anyone gotten a lung Nodule that wasn’t cancer after successful Vats Surgery? I had CT in February and all was good now 6 months later and there is a 4 mm Nodule in lower left lobe had one removed in lower right lobe on 2/13/18. Don’t see oncologist until 8/30 but trying to stay positive.
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