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    Tom Galli

    Stage 4 lung cancer and chemo

    Marco, Welcome here. We shy away from the word cure when used in conjunction with lung cancer. That is because all lung cancer is notorious for recurring after "successful" treatment. I had 4 recurrences after scans showed no evidence of disease (NED) post treatment and my lung cancer flavor is NSCLC. I am familiar with chemo for small cell. I recently lost a friend who was a "never smoker" diagnosed with extended stage small cell. His treatment plan mirrored your friend's. He stopped his treatment after his first chemo 3-day series to try alternative (non-science based) methods. Sadly, and likely as a result of his decision, he passed away just 183 days after diagnosis. There are no lifetime guarantees with any form of lung cancer. Thankfully, conventional treatment often extends life. How long? In my view, how long is irrelevant. I didn't know how long I'd live before my diagnosis. Retrospectively, it seems odd that after diagnosis life tenure became an overwhelming concern, and that concern ballooned into severe depression after each "successful" treatment and recurrence. I eventually learned life tenure is immaterial if I fail to enjoy each moment of additional life treatment afforded me. My reactions to chemo did not worsen over time. I had the same side effects that occurred with the same timing after each of my 12 infusions. I believe your friend's reaction to the forthcoming treatment on Tuesday will mirror his earlier experiences. We all fear the unknown. We yearn for certainty but the only certainty in life is birth and death. We have no memory of being before birth and while living, no way to comprehend existence after death. We have only faith and hope. Your friend's experience is mirrored by almost everyone on this forum. Lung cancer is a big lifetime change agent and the scope of change is monumental. The question to be answered is what to do with remaining life and answering that "what" ought to be your overwhelming focus. Stay the course. Tom
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    Immunotherapy for SCLC

    Hi Pat. I've been diagnosed with sclc in my right lung and a "small" 1/4" lesion in my brain. I'm a very active 75 yr old man, addicted to golf. We're awaiting approval from medicare and my insurance co, and will start treatment ASAP. The reason for this post is that my Drs will include Tecentriq given over one hour during day 1 of my chemo. I'm guessing all this will start next week. I have every emotion you can imagine, and initially thought the treatment process would be a waste of time and resources because of my age. Folks on this forum helped me make the treatment decision. I'll post about my treatment as it occurs. Good luck to all, and may God bless all of us.
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    On Thursday I go for my next CT scans. I found a new medical oncologist and feel extremely positive about our plan moving forward. Since there is a group of nodules that have continued to increase in size in my lower right lobe, the doc wants me to have scans every two months. Sounds like by this summer, results may be coming out from some Phase I clinical trials for KRAS in NSCLC. There may also be new trials beginning. I'll be keeping everyone posted on what transpires, but meanwhile, I'm in scanxiety land for now and hoping for continued so growth until the day I can begin treatment and reach NED again. Ro
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    Gamma Knife procedure

    Thanks Lauren for asking! The procedure went very well. They didn’t find any new tumors or any surprises. They feel they were able to target the tumor from all angles to effectively kill the cancer cells. Next we will find out chemo schedule on Friday. Scared about what side effects we may run into with chemo. Also concerned about my mom’s spirits when she starts losing her hair. I need to figure out how to get her a wig.
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    Road bum

    New member. Third round

    Hello all, I just copied this from the intro topics because I didn’t figure I would get it all typed again. So you will have to excuse me. As the title says I will be starting my third round of chemo Friday the 22nd. My diagnosis was NSCLC adenocarcenoma. I had a wedge resection then Chemo and radiation in Sept. 2016. I was NED until May 2018 then my CT scan showed some uptake in the area where the first problem started. The new mass was small so my Onc started me on 4 cycles of Carbo, Alimta, and Keytruda with a unspecified continuation of the Keytruda. 8 months later CT, PET scan and a bronchoscopy with biopsy indicated the mass had grown almost 3 times the size it was in May. It was cancer but not conclusive about the adjoining lymph nodes but “it could be cancer”.So bottom line is the third round will start Friday the 22nd with Taxotere. Radiation can’t be used on my lungs because of the amount I received the first time around. Nothing has been said about more surgery. My attitude is good and I am anxious to get started and see if this round is mine. Ron
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    Happy cherry pie day!

    Hi friends, Did you know that today, February 20th is National Cherry Pie day??!! Growing up in Wenatchee, WA, I've eaten my fair share of cherries and cherry pies. My personal favorite cherry right now is the Lapin. It's bigger, firmer, and more tart than a typical Bing cherry (the kind you usually see in the grocery store). My father-in-law grows them, so I get my fill of them every spring! Do you have a love of cherries? What about a great cherry pie recipe that you are willing to share?
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    New member. Third round

    Hi, Ron, We're glad you have a treatment plan and we'll be thinking of you! Please continue to check in and let us know how you're doing! With gratitude, Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
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    Update and 2nd round of chemo

    2nd round of chemo finished. All went well. The last few days his hair was coming out a lot - so he took the plunge and got a buzz cut. We talked about it and felt it would be best to buzz it so the shock of bare head would be easier in increments. He looks amazing. Such an adjustment for him. However, it was time. I’m amazed by his positivity and applaud it! Applaud everyone who goes through this. Not sure I would have the strength. Hoping all stays the “course” as Tom says. Ready for the nausea and fatigue. Will be on top of it as I’ve taken all advice and wrote everything down day by day. Tomorrow afternoon, my husband get the Neulasta shot and hoping he handles just like 3 weeks ago. 🙏🏻 I know what symptom (s) hits on what day and how long it lasts, but I am still waiting for something to rear it’s ugly head. Not my personality, but cancer and chemo seem so unpredictable. 😩 I read it’s cumulative so I just wonder... I loathe the unknown and want to be prepared. I believe I am ?!?! Just feel at times, the nurses and dctrs are too positive and it’s those that have been thru it know what it’s like each time. Hope everyone is doing well and thank you as always for being there for me!!! ❌❌
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    Update and 2nd round of chemo

    Hi, Moonbeam, Thanks for checking in! We're glad to hear that treatment is going well! It's great that you're keeping track of things. We're glad that you're part of this community. If you ever need additional support or resources, please don't hesitate to reach out! We are here for you, Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
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    Hi Tom Thanks for checking in! I’m sitting in the airport now watching planes get de-iced at KCI. Heading to FLA to forget about cancer. Our first trip since my diagnosis. Beach instead of acupuncture! I get the CT results next week- taking a page out of Bob’s book: no news is same/good news. Glad to hear your treatment has gone well so far. I saw an article posted on another forum that CBD was contraindicated with immunotherapy. 2017 published study. Can’t find the link on my phone but thought you might want to potentially explore. The AirPark Express Bus Driver this morning name was Ned! Hoping it’s a sign!! 😂 Praying for another great outcome for you! Let the hippie protocol roll! Michelle
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    Michelle, I have BellaRuth Naperstack's cd's too..used them before, during and after chemo. She was wonderful!!
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    Rower Michelle

    Hello And God Bless All

    Alimta is usually administered with another chemo drug & potentially an immunotherapy like Keytruda. I had Carboplatin/Alimta/Keytruda. As LexieCat says the oncologist will make the recommendation as there has been significant advances in lung cancer treatment in the last two years. The treatment is tailored to the individual to produce the best outcome. The best news is there is no longer a one size fits all approach to lung cancer. The social workers at the cancer center will understand how the reimbursement can work. Best wishes & prayers for your friend. Michelle
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